ZXMP M720 Compact OTN Equipment

  • ZXMP M720 is metro edge optical network product.It features high integration, large capacity and smooth upgrade, provides flexible and mature protection schemes and supports flexible traffic grooming.


                                  Figure1 sub-rack of ZXMP M720(with cover)   Figure2 sub-rack of ZXMP M720(without cover)


    Product features

    High integration

    The sub-rack of ZXMP M720 is only 6RU high and single cabinet supports 6 sub-racks installation. One sub-rack can provide 14 slots, four sub-racks support 40 wavelengths, resulting in equipment room space saving and power consumption reduction and greatly lowering operation & maintenance expense.

    Large capacity

    ZXMP M720 supports up to 40×10G for DWDM system, 18×2.5G for CWDM system and modular upgrade.

    Transmission capability

    ZXMP M720 supports single span transmission up to 45 dB without OEO processing and multi-span transmission, e.g., 18×22 dB, 14×22 dB, 8×22 dB, 7×30 dB, 3×30 dB without OEO processing for DWDM system. It also supports typical single span transmission of 80KM and maximum of 120KM for CWDM system.

    Access service type

    Services access: STM-N (N=1, 4, 16 and 64), GE, 10GE, FC, ESCON, FICON and DVB, etc.

    Services aggregation: 4×STM-1/ 4-->STM-16; 4×STM-16-->OTU2,

    2×GE/1G FC/FICON-->OTU1, 8×GE/1G FC/FICON-->OTU2, 4×2G FC-->OTU2, 2×4G FC-->OTU2, 24×GE-->10GE with L2 switch.

    Three-dimensional traffic grooming

    Support 10-degree ROADM, and offer l-level cross-connect dispatching function;

    Support distributed cross connection at granularity of ODU0;

    Support L2 switching functions, such as VLAN, QinQ;

    Enable agile service scheduling from electrical layer to photonic layer to enhance network flexibility.

    Reliable protection

    ZXMP M720 supports control board/ power board 1+1 backup and OMS (Optical Multiplexing Section)/OCH (Optical Channel) 1+1 protection/sub-λ 1+1 protection.ESR (Ethernet Smart Ring) shortens the protection switching time in ring configuration of Ethernet services. All the protection switching time is less than 50ms in compliance with ITU-T/RFC standards.

    OCH (Optical Channel) 1+1 protection in some OTU board is also supported, with the result of OP board saving, slot saving and investment saving.

    Optional OSC/ESC

    ZXMP M720 supports OSC (optical supervision channel) and ESC (electrical supervision channel), which can be selected flexibly to meet different requirements.


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