ZXMP M600 Metro Edge WDM Equipment

  • Overview

    ZXMP M600 is a coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) equipment developed by ZTE CORPORATION. It is applicable to the convergence layer and access layer of large metro area network (MAN), and all layers of medium/small MAN.

    ZXMP M600 supports transparent transmission of various services at multiple rates. With its low cost, large capacity, transparent transmission and expansibility, ZXMP M600 is a cost-efficient solution to fiber scarcity in the access and convergence layers of MAN.


                 CWU                                                          CWE


    High integration
    A CWU sub-rack (height: 1U) can be used to implement transmission of 4+1 wavelengths by building an optical terminal multiplexer (OTM) node. “+1” refers to the 1310 nm optical supervisory channel (OSC).
    A CWU sub-rack (height: 1U) can implement bidirectional transmission of 3 wavelengths by building an optical add/drop multiplexer (OADM) node.
    A CWE sub-rack (height: 6U) can implement transmission of 18 wavelengths at most.
    Flexible networking mode 
    Multiple networking modes, chain networking, ring networking and tangent networking, etc.
    Modular architecture, it supports flexible adding/dropping from 1 to 18 wavelengths and smooth In-service upgrading. 
    Optional OSC/ESC
    ZXMP M600 provides 4-degree OSC. It also provides ESC electrical supervision function. 
    Diversity access service type
    ZXMP M600 can access any-rate-service (10Mb/s~2.7Gbit/s),
    STM-0, STM-1, STM-4, STM-16.
    E3, T3/DS3, E4, FE, GE, FC, 2G FC, ESCON, DVB-ASI.
    2 x GE → 2.67Gbit/s 
    L2 switching
    ZXMP M600 supports L2 switching function, SFE board can Multiplex 2 channels of GE signals and 8 channels of FE, which can save wavelengths tremendously.
    Reliable protection
    ZXMP M600 supports optical multiplex section (OMS) 1+1 protection, optical channel (OCH) 1+1 protection, and 1+1 protection inside board.
    Convenient maintenance
    Support universal slots and hot swapping of boards in CWU and CWE sub-rack except for the PCW and NCP board. SFP optical module is Replaceable.
    Fan is front installation and hot plug in the sub-rack.
    Flexible sub-rack design
    CWU sub-rack has the height of 1U (44 mm) and 6 slots. It supports desktop installation or IEC/ETS standard cabinet installation in the front or back.
    CWE sub-rack has the height of 6U (265.9 mm) and 18 slots. It supports IEC/ETS standard cabinet installation in the front or back. The CWE sub-rack is usually allocated alone in the site with concentrative services.
    Multiple power supply modes
    The CWU sub-rack supports power supply of -48V/-60V DC, or 220V (50 Hz)/110V (60 Hz) AC. An external adapter is needed for AC input.
    The input power supply of CWE sub-rack is -48V/-60V DC.
    Two 1+1 hot backup power supply modules guarantee the system reliability.


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