ZTE Unified Control Plane-ZXUCP A200 - Optical Transport - ZTE Product
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ZTE Unified Control Plane-ZXUCP A200

  • Overview

    As a WASON product, the ZXUCP A200 released by ZTE is a WDM/OTN-based GMPLS control plane software system. Relying on the optical wavelength cross-connection and ODUk electrical cross-connection technologies, it realizes automatic, intelligent, highly efficient and reliable networks. Integrated with many complicated standard protocols, the ZXUCP A200 is supposed to launch a revolution to make traditional optical transport networks step forward to intelligent optical transport networks.


    Automatic service scheduling: automatic discovery/route and signaling
    ● Use standard GMPLS protocol family: LMP is used for resource management, OSPF-TE is used as the routing protocol and RSVP-TE is used as the signaling protocol,which realize automatic discovery of network resources and automatic service scheduling.
    Intelligent wavelength and ODUk service grooming
    ● Links of the optical layer (wavelength OCh, 10G, 40G,100G and Beyond 100G).
    ● Links of the electrical layer (ODUk, k=0, 1, 2, 2e, 3, 4,flex)
    Fast service configuration
    ● Services can be configured rapidly. Basic parameters such as source and sink node resources, service level, and routing policy can be simply selected, and then one-click delivery can automatically realize the optical/electrical cross-configuration of related nodes.
    Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    ● WASON defines multi-grade service quality. While satisfying the requirements of different levels of services, the system can use flexible protection and recovery mechanisms to fight against multi-point failures in the WDM/OTN network.
    Flexible Rerouting policy
    ● The ZXUCP A200 supports a variety of routing policies, including minimum cost, minimum number of hops, minimum delay, optimal OSNR, load balancing, and node link resources which must passed or avoid, in the process of service creation, re-routing and optimization, to facilitate the selection of the most appropriate service path.

    Automatic relay and APO (Automatic Power Optimization)
    ● ZXUCP A200 will automatically judge the internal connectivity of nodes and the OSNR performance of services when calculating service routes, so as to automatically relay at the best node location as required. After the service configuration is successful, the APO function will be started to automatically optimize the optical power of the service.

    OVPN (Optical Virtual Private Network) for private network
    ● ZXUCP A200 supports isolation according to service granularity and physical area, which greatly improves the utilization of resources and the efficiency of service recovery.

    CP 1+1 Backup
    ● Control plane adopts the 1+1 backup to ensure network stability and reliable operation. When two control planes fail, the link which has been successfully created or recovered is not affected.
    Intelligent end-to-end service transmission
    ● Create SC connections via the OIF, UNI interface to realize integration and unified scheduling of the IP network and optical network. It sets up foundations for users’ value-added services. The E-NNI enables the intelligent services to be transferred across multiple control domains.