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  • The in-depth deployment of information technology brings an upsurge of large-scale network construction in the industries including smart grid, high-speed railway, oilfield, rail transport and radio/film/TV. To occupy a more advantageous position in the new round of information-based network construction and future service development, Transport networks need to possess stronger real-time self-healing capability, more complete planning and management capability and more efficient operation and maintenance capability to implement fast network deployment and intelligent expansion, coping with the challenges brought by new intelligent and IP-based services. 

    With its mature, reliable and convenient O&M features, the ZTE MSTP series is widely used in communication networks of various industries, and has in-depth cooperation to comprehensively enhance customer value.

    Widely used, mature and reliable

    ●    With over 20 years of successful commercial experience, the ZTE MSTP series has served more than 80 countries, deployed more than one million sets of devices in existing networks, and well-matched with various projects.

    ●    Equipment-level, network-level and system-level multi-layer protection mechanisms are adopted, with network reliability up to 99.999% and unconditional service switching of 50 ms protection.

    Fully graphical, convenient O&M

    ●    GUI operation, ETE service management, EOU and high efficiency.

    ●    Smooth expansion of new services, capacity and node without service loss.

    ●    Integration of planning software, NM software and different practical O&M tools to offer one-stop solution.

    Integrated transmission and flexible expansion

    ●    Provide PDH,SDH,Ethernet/IP interfaces and and reduce the cost of network construction.

    ●    Offer a variety of OA technologies, embedded with WDM and support 170 km ULH transport.

    ●    Load control plane for intelligent optical network and support EOS and RPR to transmit multicast and other IP-based services.

    ●    Quick to respond to customer needs and support 2M optical interfaces and other emerging applications.


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