MSTP Series Products

  • The deepened deployment of information technology brings an upsurge of large-scale network construction in the industries including smart grid, high-speed railway, oilfield, rail transport and radio/film/TV. To occupy a more advantageous position in the new round of information-based network construction and future service development, bearer networks need to possess stronger real-time self healing capability, more complete planning and management capability and more efficient operation and maintenance capability to implement fast network deployment and intelligent expansion, so as to cope with the challenges brought by new intelligent and IP-based services.

    ZTE MSTP products conform to the trend and work with customers across the industry to create a new generation of mature and reliable network providing convenient O&M and bearing different services to enhance customer value.

    Ten years of experience in commercial use, multilevel protection mechanism, high maturity and reliability

    ●     ZTE's leading MSTP devices have more than 10 years of experience in commercial use. Over two million sets have been deployed in 150-plus countries. The supporting systems are perfect and the technologies are mature and reliable.

    ●     Adopt equipment-level, network-level and system-level protection mechanisms. The reliability reaches  99.999 % and protection switching is 50ms.

    GUI management, ETE configuration and convenient O&M

    ●     GUI operation, ETE service management, EOU and high efficiency

    ●     Smooth expansion of new service, capacity and node without service loss

    ●     Integration of planning software, NM software and different practical O&M tools to offer one-stop solution

    Intelligence, IP mode and full-service scenario

    ●     Bear voice, data, image and video services and provide TDM/IP/SAN interfaces.

    ●     Offer a variety of OA technologies, embedded with WDM and support 170 km ULH transport.

    ●     Load control plane for intelligent optical network and support EOS and RPR to bear multicast and other IP-based services.

    ●     Quick to respond to customer needs and support 2M optical interface and other emerging application.

    Advanced Concepts

    Multiservice unified bear

    Support such multiple service interfaces as SDH, PDH, and Ethernet / IP.

    Bear a variety of service at the same time to cut CAPEX.

    Flexible networking

    Support chain, star, ring and mesh network topology.

    PNP network nodes provide a smooth network expansion and upgrade.

    Hierarchical protection mechanisms

    1+1 board redundancy protection: Include protection cross & clock unit, NE control board, power board and clock interface board.

    TPS protection of electrical interface board: Include E1/T1/E3/T3/FE/STM-1 service interface.

     Innovative network protection patent: Support ITU-T protection standards and employ ZTE’s patented flexible logical subnet protection technology to save fiber resources while offering flexible protection.

    Leading design concept

    Adopt the industry's unique service cross-ring technology and support multicast and multipurpose design of one board.

    Insertion boards have no limit in slot pair.

    ASON supports nine types of service transport security mechanisms

    Greener environmental protection

    The power consumption is less than the industry’s similar devices by 40 % to meet the RoHS standards.


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