MSTP Series Products

  • ZTE's MSTP products adhere to the tradition of mature, reliable, and convenient O&M to build secure transport networks for different industries, and enhance customer value.

    Mature and reliable solutions from 20 years of commercial experience

    ●    ZTE MSTP equipment has accumulated 20 years of successful commercial experience and has been widely used in more than 70 countries and regions, with more than one million devices deployed, serving various industries from telecommunications operators and energy to transportation and finance. 

    ●    Network design, service planning, project implementation and O&M support are well-equipped, and their technologies are mature and reliable.

    Lasting safety concept

    ●    Equipment-level, network-level and system-level protection mechanisms lead to 99.999% reliability and 50ms service protection switching.

    ●    ITU-T protection standards, together with ZTE's patented flexible logical subnet protection innovation technology, save fiber resources while offering elastic protection mechanisms.

    ●    The ASON platform provides 9 types of differentiated service transport mechanisms.

    Unified Transport and Convenient O&M

    ●    It fully supports various interfaces such as PDH, SDH, Ethernet/IP, and carries multiple services in a unified manner, reducing network construction costs.

    ●    Varying network topologies (e.g. chain, star, ring and grid) and PnP network nodes delivers smooth network expansion and upgrade solutions, and assures no service damage.

    ●    Integrated planning software, NM software and practical O&M tools, followed by a full graphical interface, make possible one-stop solutions for network planning, construction, and O&M.

    Flexible expansion and guaranteed supply

    ●    A wealth of OA technologies and built-in WDM supports ULH transmission schemes.

    ●    Respond quickly to industry customer needs and allow industry-specific technologies such as embedded 2M optical interfaces.

    ●    Diversified supply guarantee mechanisms mitigate customer investment risks.