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  • In recent years, with the rapid popularization of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, government and enterprise communication network services are developing rapidly. In particular, modern communication services evolve fast in terms of IP, broadband, and intelligence. Therefore, traditional communication transmission networks face great challenges: 

    ●   Traditional services are compatible with new services and their demands are very different. The transmission network needs to evolve with the convergence of new and old technologies.

    ●   Network bandwidth increases explosively, and the existing 10G network system must evolve to 40G/100G.

    ●   In the face of the rapid development of 5G, the traditional network architecture needs to be transformed and maintain long-term evolution.

    ●   Network O&M needs to be more convenient and intelligent.

    The ZXMP S385F series is the latest generation of integrated transmission network platform customized and developed by ZTE to meet the requirements of the communication network development in the government & enterprise industry. It deeply integrates the most mature transmission network technologies (SDH, PTN and OTN) in the industry, and implements in-depth integration of the system architecture. It provides the most comprehensive service access and processing capability in the industry, and can meet the requirements of different application scenarios and different stages of network development in the government and enterprise industry. It provides flexible transmission solutions.

    ZXMP S385F-13

    Most Complete Service Transmission Platform in the Industry

    ●   Communication service interfaces include PCM, PDH, SDH, Ethernet & IP and OTN common interface types, with bandwidth ranging from 64K to 100G.

    ●   SDH/PTN/OTN transmission technologies adopt the modular design and free combination, which can be flexibly selected and adapted according to different network application scenarios.

    ●   It supports various service forms such as Line, LAN and Tree, and fully identifies and schedules services such as L0 – L3.

    Most Sophisticated Pipe Division Technology

    ●   Co-existence of elastic pipes sharing bandwidth and physically isolated rigid pipes; multi-layer and multi-technical guarantee; precise service scheduling.

    ●   Strict physical isolation and safe transport of rigid pipes based on technologies such as SDH/OTN.

    ●   Elastic pipe, which is based on multiple technologies such as LSP/PW/VLAN hierarchical isolation, shared bandwidth and efficient transport.

    Hierarchical Security and Reliability Mechanism

    ●   In the equipment layer, each key unit adopts the 1+1 hot backup and key node dual-gateway mechanism to ensure operation.

    ●   In the network layer, the end-to-end transmission protection mechanism is supported to provide enterprise-level guarantee and restoration capabilities.

    ●   In the service layer, various security mechanisms such as encryption, access control, and anti-impact are provided to ensure service security.

    Intelligent Control and O&M

    ●   The SDN technology is introduced to implement intelligent control planes and evolve into cloud networks.

    ●   Intelligent control plane optimizes O&M management, supports unified resource scheduling, and allows fast end-to-end detection and management.

    ●   The big data-based network management platform provides real-time and dynamic service management.

    Application Scenario

    The ZXMP S385F can be seamlessly compatible with the existing SDH and PTN networks. It provides an end-to-end service deployment and O&M management solution through the ZTE unified network management platform.


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