SRU2 - Next Generation ODU

  • SRU2, ZTE’s next generation normal transmit power ODU, universal for NR8000 IDU
  • Product Description

    SRU2, with smaller dimension and less weight, supports QPSK to 4096 QAM modulation scheme and 7/14/28/40/56/112 MHz channel bandwidth and 13 to 42 GHz frequency bands. 

    SRU2 Appearance and Interfaces


    Product Highlights

    Outstanding Performance

    High modulation scheme: 4096QAM

    Wide RF bandwidth: 112 MHz

    20KA lightning protection level, IP66 waterproof grade, adaptive to various severe environments.


    Low TCO

    Compact Design: Less than 1.2L and lighter than 2kg

    Special designed waveguide port to optimize the antenna installation. The IF cable will always towards to the ground for both V and H polarization

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