• ZXMW NR8000 Trunk Radio (NR8000 TR) is specially designed to support applications of high capacity transmission which adopts several radio channels operating over the same radio path. As one model of NR8000 portfolio, NR8000 TR is dedicated to support both TDM and Packet services in trunk and backbone transmission scenarios
  • Product Description

    Compared with traditional all indoor system, NR8000 TR employed a split type structure, which supports the same capacity as all indoor system, with lower power consumption, less space, lower cost and easier installation, NR8000 TR provides up to 10Gbps Ethernet traffic ,NR8000 TR supports flexible configuration, including 4+0/7+1/8+0 /16+0XPIC ,which fulfills diversified transmission scenarios. The figure shows the configuration of 8+0/7+1 XPIC installation diagram.


    Product Highlights

          High Throughput

    XPIC and header compression, Increase more than 2 times throughput

    Packet-level load balance (16+0 PLA), allocate services dynamically to increase spectrum usage

    16+0 XPIC supports up to 10 Gbps extra high transmission ability



          High Reliability

    ACM, insures transmission continuity and increase spectrum usage

    Full Scale Protection (HSB, SD, FD, MSP, SNCP, RSTP, MSTP, ERPS, ELPS, LAG, N+1, board redundancy)

    HQoS & PIS , ensure high priority service quality

    LCPT, microwave and wireless interaction, avoid continue congestion, improve mobile user experience

    Rx Combining, improve radio link system gain and performance.     



         Flexible Configuration

    Supports 4+0/6+0/8+0 XPIC and 4+4/6+6/8+8 SD/16+0 XPIC,maximum configuration is up to16+0 XPIC

    Supports 3+1/5+1/7+1/6+2 XPIC and 3+1 SD XPIC, etc


         Low TCO and Easy Maintenance

    2U height split-mount architecture, with lower cost, lighter weight and easier installation

    High Tx power ODU, decrease antenna size or reduce link quantity.

    CES & native TDM software switchable interface board, higher cost-efficient.

    Intelligent cooling system & Power saving mode, save electric cost.

    Pathloss,  ETP-Designer,  ETP-Genius & U disk,  ETP-Debugger for fast commissioning, save time.

    Intelligent license control,  flexible distribution and easy reusing license.



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