ZXMW NR8000 Split-Type Microwave

  • Split-type microwave is made up of Indoor Unit (IDU) and Outdoor Unit (ODU), which has high performance and easy installation. Recently, ZTE NR8000 contains 6 split-type products: NR8120, NR8120A, NR8120D, NR8150, NR8250, NR8000 TR. The NR8000 split-type products adopt hybrid and all packet unified platform, which is suitable for both 2G/3G/4G LTE co-locate and 3G/4G LTE (all-IP) network.
  • Product Description

    NR8120, NR8120A and NR8120D is a 1U height box which can support 1 or 2 radio directions, which is mainly used at access or repeater site. When NR8120 IDU combining with NR8950, which can provide max. 4 radio directions. When NR8120A and NR8120D IDU combining with NR8950, which can provide max. 6 radio directions.

    NR8150 is a 1U height box which can support max. 6 radio directions, which is mainly used at repeater or hub site, and also is used at access site. When NR8150 IDU combining with NR8950, which can provide max. 12 radio directions.

    NR8250 is a 2U height box that can support max. 12 radio directions or 7 traffic cards to provide nodal solution. When NR8250 IDU combining with NR8950, which can provide max. 20 radio directions.

    NR8120, NR8120A, NR8120D, NR8150 and NR8250 share the common ODU, waveguide and antenna. NR8000TR use outdoor part which include SRUT/HRUT, OCUB/OCUC and antenna.


    Product Highlights

          High Throughput

    4096 QAM,680 Mbps throughput per carrier

    112MHz with 1024QAM, 1.1Gbps throughput per carrier

    XPIC with header compression, more than 2 times throughput

    4x4 MIMO achieves 4 times capacity with 1 frequency pair.


          High Reliability

    ACM, insures the transmission continuity and increases spectrum usage.

    Full scale protection (HSB, SD, FD, MSP, SNCP, RSTP, MSTP, ERPS, ELPS, LAG, N+1, board redundancy)

    Packet Intelligence Segment (PIS) and QoS avoid big latency and jitter of high priority services.

    Rx combining, improves radio link system gain and performance.


          High Security

    Secure network management channels: SNMP V3/SSH/HTTPS/SFTP, etc.

    Management: account classification/password protection/RADIUS, avoid illegal operations.

    Communication channels: SNMP V3/SSH/HTTPS/SFTP, guarantee network security.

    IP MPLS network: E2E VPN, isolated channels guarantee traffic security.


          Easy Maintenance

    Pathloss, ETP-Designer, ETP-Genius & U disk, ETP-Debugger for fast commissioning, save time.

    Wi-Fi access for local management and E2E O&M in EMS, realize easy maintenance.

    Intelligent licenses control, flexible distribution and easy reusing.

    Cross-Product unified EMS platform, improve management efficiency.

    Frequency auto-scanning, locate interference source quickly.

    SDN/IP MPLS, brings flexible network structure, simple & E2E OAM.


          Low TCO

    High Tx power ODU, decrease antenna size.

    Dual carrier, reduce hardware quantity, save installation space and decrease power consumption.

    CES & native TDM software switchable interface board, higher cost-efficient.

    Intelligent cooling system & Power saving mode, save electric cost.


    Global Applications

    Up to Quarter 2 of 2017, over 110,000 hops ZTE microwave radio equipments have been delivered to more than 90 countries, providing high quality performance in more than 200 operators. The NR8000 shipments increased over 80% in 2016.


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