ZTE Microwave Overview

  • ZTE Corporation, involves in microwave radio system products since 2004, is committed in building a specialized and dedicated team that is Innovative, Cooperative, Diligent and Efficient. ZTE’s new generation NR8000 series products - NR8120/NR8120A/NR8120/NR8150/NR8250/NR8000 TR/NR8950/ are released for mobile backhaul, transport and enterprise network total solution. NR8120, NR8120A, NR8120D and &NR8150 are mainly applied in end access and small aggregation sites. NR8250 offers high capacity, nodal solution; NR8950 is an all IP based all outdoor system; NR8000 TR is mainly used for huge capacity trunk transmission. The application scenario is described in following figure:


      Advanced Radio Performance

    ■      New generation RF unit SRU2: less than 1.2L and lighter than 2kg, green energy saving, is easy f   or installation and maintenance.

    ■      680Mbps per carrier @ 56MHz with 4096QAM

    ■      1.1Gbps per carrier @ 112MHz with 1024QAM

    ■      4x4 MIMO: double the capacity but saving 50% spectrum cost

    ■      PIS & SPLA Technology: avoids big latency and jitter of high priority services

    ■      High Tx power and RX combining: improve system gain significantly, increase transmission distance by 30% to 90%, decrease the quantity of sites and antenna size, thereby decrease the network investment

      Advanced Technology

    ■      Delicate HQoS: uniform QoS mechanism with Base Station, optical transmission and Core Network

    ■      Enhanced Hub: max. 20 directions in a single 2U height IDU

    ■      Full-scale Protection: besides board and power redundancy, NR8000 supports N+1 protection

    ■      Dual Carrier: reduce hardware quantity, save installation space and decrease power consumption

    ■      Intelligent Cooling system & power saving modesave electric cost

    ■      High Capacity Aggregation/Backbone: 2U height split-mount NR8000 TR, with lighter weight and easier installation, is able to solve the problems of all indoor systems, such as extra high cost and defects in flexibility and application. Support up to 12+0 configuration to achieve 10 Gbps level transmission capacity. 10GE interface with protection is also provided to facilitate high throughput services access and aggregation.


      Powerful R&D and Delivery

    ■      Powerful R&D: ZTE microwave radio team located in Five R&D centers (Shanghai, Xian, Shenzhen, Chengdu)

    ■      Sophisticated Antenna Reuse: customized antenna port adapters assist antenna reuse

    ■      E2E Seamless Deliver Tools: Pathloss, ETP-Designer, ETP-Genius & U disk, ETP-Debugger for fast commissioning, save time

    ■      Wi-Fi access for local management and E2E O&M in EMS realize easy maintenance

    ■      Global 7*24 hours service: long term sustainability and maintenance service offered by ZTE support center, University and repair & maintenance center.

      Full-Scale Management and Maintenance

    ■      Intelligent License Control: centralized license management realize flexible license deployment by real-time interaction between NE and OMC

    ■      Frequency Auto-scanning: quickly locate interference without additional tools

    ■      Network Security: radio link encryption, port blocking, link Identification, black & white list and network storm control

    ■      E2E Configuration and OAM: improves the deployment speed and accuracy

    Up to Quarter 2 of 2017, over 110,000 hops ZTE microwave radio equipments have been delivered to more than 90 countries, providing high quality performance in more than 200 operators. The NR8000 shipments increased over 80% in 2016.


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