ZENIC ONE R22 Unified Platform

  • ZTE ZENIC ONE R22 Unified Platform is in compliance with ETSI/OPENFV/3GPP/CCSA standards, which implement NFV/SDN network orchestration and management featuring ease of integration, ease of deployment, ease of orchestration and ease of operation and maintenance to help operators to achieve operation transformation. For SDNs, the ZENIC ONE implements unified orchestration of E2E network connection resources in SDN domain. It supports SDN resource management, SDN lifecycle management, unified monitoring for the whole network and SDN-based network-on-demand orchestration and SFC orchestration. It supports collaborative orchestration with MANO and cross-domain/cross-layer/cross-vendor collaborative service orchestration among controllers and implements automatic deployment of network connections.

    l  Full scenarios solution

    Performs unified resource orchestration and management for full series of transport network devices, SDN controllers and third-party SDN controllers. By close cooperation with devices, controllers and MANO, it provides complete network orchestration design solutions.

    l  Integrated management and orchestration

    Integrates the management capability and orchestration capability and performs unified management and allocation of whole-network resources. It implements intelligent network analysis in cooperation with big data function; it implements integrated orchestration of physical and virtual networks in cooperation with MANO; it implements closed loop management, control and orchestration in cooperation with SDN controllers; it supports fast interconnection with GSO or other systems by northbound interfaces to achieve network self-service.


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