ZXR10 T8000 Cluster Router

  • Power to Connect the World

    The ZXR10 T8000 core routers focus on the requirements of Internet core nodes, backbone network super nodes, large MAN core egress nodes and cloud computing data center egress gateways. They are designed to construct flat networks, implement unified bearing of all services and provide future proof sustainable network evolution solutions.

    The T8000 system can be used as standalone system and cluster LCC (Line Card Chassis) and cluster center CFC (Central Fabric Chassis). It supports smooth conversion among single server, back-to-back (B2B) cluster and multi-chassis cluster systems to address the requirements of network service development and adjustment.



    To explore a new field, promoting infinite network evolution

    • The ZXR10 T8000 adopts non-blocking fabric and high-performance network processor which provide up to 36Tbps interface capacity in one single-chassis system, with its single-shelf capacity exceeding the traditional 400G 2+4 cluster, which can greatly save the equipment room space, reduce the system power consumption and easier Operation & Maintenance.
    • The ZXR10 T8000 can construct a cluster system through B2B interconnection and multi-chassis interconnection to expand the node capacity linearly, which can make full use of the existing resource and increase the network value according to the service development requirements. It realizes the fast and seamless upgrade of the network capacity, greatly protects the customer investment.
    • It provides abundant IPv4-to-IPv6 transitional technologies such as dual stacks, 6RD, 4in6, 6to4, protecting customer investment and realizing smooth evolution.

    To be smart and intelligent, saving the OPEX of customers

    • The ZXR10 T8000 adopts a flexible structure with a main card and sub-cards. It enables customers to flexibly deploy network devices according to the actual network capacity and reliability requirement. This helps decrease the types of spare parts and greatly reduce the customer investment on network construction.
    • The ZXR10 T8000 provides an independent monitoring plane and uniquely supports the power report and traffic load report, assisting customers in power management and monitoring in a more accurate manner. Its smart power management system supports automatic power control and dynamic power adjustment of boards according to the actual traffic. Its fans support infinitely-variable speed adjustment, its line cards support smart startup and its processes support intelligent sleep. All of these features effectively lower power consumption and help build a green planet.

    To be rock solid, guaranteeing the security and continuity of services

    • The ZXR10 T8000 adopts multi-plane system architecture and redundancy design for key parts. It supports various functions such as multi-link bundling and load sharing, TE FRR, VPN FRR, GR, Non-Stop Forwarding (NSF) and Non-Stop Routing (NSR), effectively guaranteeing stable network operation. It also supports multiple fault detection modes such as BFD, Ethernet OAM and MPLS OAM, helping detect network faults quickly, simplify network OAM and reduce the OPEX.
    • The ZXR10 T8000 adopts the Virtual Cluster Controller (VCC) technology that makes the active and standby SCs run in a distributed manner on any main control board in any shelf of the cluster system according to the actual load of the main control board. This realizes active/standby drifting and guarantees reliability of the cluster system to the greatest extent. Through the Cloud Computing-Based Control (CCC) technology, it makes service modules distributed on the physical CPUs in different shelves. With the application of algorithms, it ensures balanced distribution of these service modules on the CPUs of different main control boards. It not only makes full use of the powerful computing capability of the multi-shelf cluster system but also guarantees highly-stable operation of network devices.
    • The ZXR10 T8000 supports the In-Service Component and Cluster Upgrade (ISC2U), realizing dynamic loading of functions and providing 99.999% reliability to network devices.

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