ZXR10 M6000-S Elastic Service Router

  • All-in-One, One-for-All

    The ZXR10 M6000-S series routers are new-generation Broadband Multi-Service Gateway (BMSG) products with large capacity and high performance. This series of routers are designed for carriers’ backbone networks, Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), mobile bearer networks, Internet Data Centers (IDC), government networks and enterprise networks.

    ZXR10 M6000-S series have following models: ZXR10 M6000-18S, ZXR10 M6000-8S Plus, ZXR10 M6000-8S, ZXR10 M6000-5S, and ZXR10 M6000-3S.



    Multi-Service Integration

    • Unified service platform: Integrating business subscriber service gateway, public subscriber service gateway, CGN gateway and IP RAN, saving equipment room and reduces user’s investment, realizing fast service deployment and network reconfiguration, and helping the operators to build refined network.
    • Various interface types: Supporting flexible sub/mother card architecture; Supporting 100GE, 40GE, 10GE, GE/FE, 10G POS, 2.5G POS, 622M POS, 155M POS, Channelized 155M POS and E1/CE1 to satisfy various network demands.
    • Comprehensive MPLS VPN protocols: Supporting BGP/MPLS VPN, VPWS, VPLS, HoVPN, H-VPLS, L2/L3 VPN Bridge, TDM/ATM service emulation, E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree services bearing to satisfy multi-service access and transmission.

    Wide-Bandwidth Access

    • With advanced system architecture, distributed and modular design philosophy, ZXR10 M6000-S series have largest switch fabric capacity and highest performance packet processor in industry to provide best performance and flexibility. ZXR10 M6000-S series can construct network platform facing future.
    • High-speed forwarding capability for each slot to cater the needs of network bandwidth increase
    • Adopting high-performance network processor, TCAM (Ternary content-addressable memory) and TM (Traffic Manager) to enhance performance and service processing capability.
    • Supporting large capacity of RIB/FIB to cater the needs of large scale network deployment.

    Multiple Protection Technologies

    • Adopting complete distributed modular system to support switching and controlling separation. Supporting graceful restart for various protocols, non-stop forwarding (NSF) /NSR. Supporting In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU).
    • All hardware boards and equipment components support hot-swapping, switching fabric, protocol processor, system main control system, power supply module, fan tray redundancy configuration. System availability reaches carrier-class five-nine criteria.
    • Supporting multi-link binding and load sharing. Supporting LDP FRR, IP FRR, TE FRR, VPN FRR, TE Hot standby, static TE protection group, IGP FC and VRRP technology to protect node, link and end to end line level failure to guarantee network stability.
    • Supporting fast failure detecting BFD for everything to implement failure recovery and binding BFD with various route protocols, VRRP, LDP and RSVP. Supporting IGP FRR/LDP FRR/IP FRR/RSVP TE FRR and satisfying carrier-class protection requirements for key services.
    • Supporting MPLS OAM and Ethernet OAM, various granularity and hierarchy, provide refined management of fault, performance and service.
    • Supporting CGN multi-chassis hot standby to provide never offline reliability protection.

    Elastic SDN evolution

    • Takes full participation in all aspects of SDN technology policy’s evolution with support of OPENFLOW / VxLAN / NETCONF to provide an elastic cloud network
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