ZXR10 M6000-2S Edge Router

  • All-in-One, One-for-All

    ZXR10 M6000-2S multi-service router is a Broadband Multi-service Gateway, which made by ZTE particularly for the coming era of tri-networks convergence, mobile internet, IPv6, internet of things and cloud computing. It is the optimal choice for the construction of operator backbone network, MAN, WLAN, mobile bearer network, internet data center, government network and intranet. With excellent quality, ZXR10 M6000-2S is dedicated to build highly qualified value-added network for operators.

    ZXR10 M6000-2S includes:  ZXR10 M6000-2S4, ZXR10 M6000-2S4 Plus and ZXR10 M6000-2S10.



    Exquisite Structure and Stable System Platform

    • The control plane, forwarding plane and management plane of the high-performance processing engine are independent from each other, which can maintain superior forwarding performance in multi-service overlay. Control and forwarding separation eliminates the interaction between them, Independent components, reducing the degree of association between the multi-service. Greatly enhance the overall performance of the system and protect the stability and reliability of the system at the same time.
    • The perfect high reliability design. The  master, clock, power supply, fan and other key components redundant design; System software component design, component resource independently associated with a small degree, can flexible overlay new function to enhance the stability and flexibility of the system. System with perfect OAM detection mechanism and FRR, VRRP, link bundled reliability technology to maximize protection of the stability and reliability of service.
    • ZXR10 M6000-2S designs refining, 220mm depth, cabling and all operations are on the front side; Can be placed in a 300mm deep cabinet; At the same time enhance convenience to maintain greatly reduce the system installation space requirements; can be widely placed in the narrow space such as the outdoor cabinets, base stations, office device cabinets, greatly reducing the user's OPEX.

    Super Integration and All-Service Unified Bearer

    • Integrate routing functions, multi-functional in one. The various functions can be loaded according to the actual service needs. Provide flexible platforms to the customer with the optimal deployment of new services.
    • Support MPLS. Provide Perfect MPLS solutions which easily extend MPLS to the network edge.  Support CES and PW emulation technologies to bear legacy TDM services.  Support clock synchronization, support accurate clock services.
    • Hardware-based QoS, support fine-grained, flexible TM and H-Qos for different users and services to provide a variety of service level guarantee to meet meticulous management needs.
    • Support 10GE, GE, FE, E1, ATM, POS, CPOS, provide a complete and flexible access capability.

    Support IPv4/IPv6 dual stack and so on mainstream transition technology to help customers’ smooth evolution to next-generation network.

    End-to-end Service Fast Deployment and Easy Maintenance

    • Devices plug and play, DCN channel auto-configuration, and batch deployment, enhance remote maintenance capability, simplify device setup and maintenance, greatly reducing the workload of the operation and maintenance.
    • Support service quality measure, Ethernet OAM, BFD and so on detection method for real-time monitoring of the network, to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance; Support port mirroring, netflow, Support the flow characteristics explicit presentation, Provide an effective means of monitoring to ensure network precisely controlled and operated.
    • The powerful visualization NMS  provides one-click service creation and one-click information-gathering tool to help network administrators achieve the rapid loading of the service and high-maintenance.
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