ZXR10 MCG 5100 Micro Cloud Gateway

  • Open Variety with Cloud Network Collaboration

    ZXR10 MCG 5110 Micro-Cloud Gateway products is intelligent multi-service router integrated with routing, switching, wireless, security, and VPN. It is designed with a modular, scalable system architecture for users to build intelligent, Reliable, flexible, easy-dimensional network.

    ZXR10 MCG 5110 series products include MCG 5110, MCG 5110A, MCG 5110G, MCG 5110W, MCG 5110AG, and MCG 5110GW, suitable for customer access, DCN, campus network, government network gateway, corporate headquarters / branch access, mobile office and other networks.


    Cloud network collaboration, intelligent access

    l  Based on the flexible cloud network collaborative scheme, the value-added service and forwarding resource is clouded and dispatched to realize the centralized operation and maintenance of the network, to realize the global traffic tuning, the rapid deployment and rapid innovation.

    l  Based on SDN / NFV standard architecture, forward / control separation, support end-to-end service purchase, opening, maintenance, revocation and other cloud visualization deployment, the realization of equipment plug and play, business that is ready to use.

    Refined integration, strong and reliable

    l  The all-in-one multi-service router Integrated with routing, switching, NAT, VPN, and security gateway.

    l  Integrated traditional Ethernet wired access and 3G / 4G / WiFi wireless access, support link protection and load balancing based on user strategy, flexible access to the network at the same time, improve user network survivability and business reliability.

    l  Support L2/L3 mixed ACL processing capabilities and user-friendly log statistical management to help users achieve business fine management.

    l  Supports control plane security mechanism, supports control packet classification, multi-level speed limit, multi-level scheduling, traffic suppression, protocol filtering, protocol authentication, support against DDOS attacks, anti-ARP attacks, support attack traceability, reduce malicious attacks Downtime risk.

    Open architecture, on-demand expansion

    l  Support IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack, tunnel and translation and other mainstream transition technology, seamless convergence of next-generation network.

    l  Open cloud business platform, according to user needs to achieve on-demand connection, service on-demand, bandwidth on-demand, value-added NFV on-demand, reduce the initial network investment, enhance network value.

    l  Support Netconf / XML, support VxLAN, VxLAN over IPSec, VxLAN over GRE and other Overlay technology to meet the smooth evolution of SDN network needs.

    Unified operation and maintenance, automatic deployment

    l  Supports visual resource scheduling / service management system to provide global network optimization and end-to-end service efficient deployment.

    l  Zero configuration, automatic deployment, USB start, batch maintenance, efficient remote maintenance and easy maintenance, greatly reduce the operation and maintenance workload.

    l  Supports SQA, Ethernet OAM, Netflow, and provides diversified monitoring means for accurate network operation.

    l  Value-added services NFV virtualization, migration to cloud platform centralized deployment, greatly reducing the response time and deployment cycle of business needs.


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