ZXCTN 6500 Packet Transport Product Series - IPTN - ZTE Product
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ZXCTN 6500 Packet Transport Product Series

  • With the rapid growth of communication services, ZTE has made in-depth research on the development trend of transport network technology, and launched in time the new-generation flagship packet transport product ZXCTN 6500, with the features of VIP customers and telecom service transport into consideration. ZTE ZXCTN 6500 is the first 100GE series product in the industry. Employing unified switching, it supports hybrid transport of MPLS-TP packet service and CBR (TDM etc.) service. It has multi-service transport capability, and supports multiple service interfaces such as E1, ch/CEP STM-1/4, FE, GE, 10GE, 40GE and 100GE interfaces. It also supports unified efficient transport of L1/L2/L3 services and SDN-oriented control architecture. With T-level ultra-large capacity and high/low speed slot partition and decoupling design, the 300mm-deep ZXCTN 6500 provides all-round protection and high-precision 1588V2 time synchronization functions. The launch of the ZXCTN 6500 series product effectively solves the technical problems of the transport network in its IP-based, broadband and integrated service-oriented development.



    Advanced architecture opens the era of large bandwidth.

    ●   Thin body: The ZXCTN 6500 breaks through the technical limitation on the traditional core-level PTN body that is 600/800mm in depth, and adopts the 300mm-deep "thin body" design to provide higher integration, thus saving space in cabinets and equipment rooms and investment in ancillary devices.

    ●   Large interfaces & high capacity: Supports 100GE high-speed interfaces and single-fiber 400G (4*100G) large-bandwidth LH transport; a 300mm-deep subrack can achieve a maximum access capacity of 6.4T.

    ●   High reliability & accurate measurement: Deploys MPLS-TP protection for the packet service; supports E1 access and TPS protection; the APS hardware acceleration engine ensures the 50ms protection switching performance under heavy traffic and provides security guarantee for user access; supports TWAMP and RFC2544/Y. 1564. implements end-to-end monitoring of L2/L3 services; supports service provisioning without meter test; supports performance measurement and fast fault location of online services, providing perfect visual and controllable solutions for existing network services.

    ●   SDN: The SDN control plane can be loaded to achieve network intelligence & virtualization and fast service provisioning.

    ●   Environmental protection: Low power consumption, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

    ●   SPN Smooth evolution: The FlexE technology is introduced to implement flexible bandwidth allocation and service isolation. SR simplifies the control protocol to meet the requirements of 5G for massive and flexible connections; supports smooth evolution of existing network equipment to protect customer investment.

    Application Scenarios

    The ZXCTN 6500 mainly transports wireless backhaul, VIP and OLT services and is applied to national backbone, provincial backbone and metro core/aggregation layers.