ZXCTN 6700 Packet Transport Product Series - IPTN - ZTE Product
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ZXCTN 6700 Packet Transport Product Series

  • With the issuance of 5G licenses, the communications market has officially entered the first year of 5G commercial use, and the 5G transport network has also entered a comprehensive commercial stage. Facing the basic characteristics of the new 5G transport network, such as large bandwidth, low latency, and massive access, ZTE launches the 5G full-lifecycle SPN packet transport network product ZXCTN 6700 to provide differentiated services for new 5G services. Technology evolution has a strong life cycle and scalability to increase network values and help operators achieve business success.



    Advanced technology, leading the new trend of 5G development

    ●   Ultra-large capacity & massive connection: The industry's first 32T commercial, 64T Ready core aggregation equipment with the largest capacity; supports the integration of ultra-100GE Ethernet colored light and DWDM to achieve ultra-large-capacity transmission; SR simplifies the control protocol; the label stack has the industry’ highest depth of 20 layers; with the strongest networking capability, the product meets the needs of 5G for massive flexible connections. 

    ●   Flexible Network Slicing: The FlexE technology is introduced to implement flexible bandwidth allocation and service isolation. The flexible configuration of network resources enables the product to meet differentiated requirements diversified 5G scenarios.

    ●   High-precision time synchronization: Based on "3A" high-precision clock synchronization and less than 5ns single-node time precision, ZTE provides the carriers with a low-cost high-precision synchronization solution.

    ●   SDN: The SDN control plane can be loaded to achieve network intelligence & virtualization and fast service provisioning.

    ●   Environmental protection: Low power consumption, more energy-saving and eco-friendly.

    Application Scenarios

    The ZXCTN 6700 series products are targeted at the aggregation layer, core layer and backbone layer and are mainly used in 4G/5G wireless backhaul networks, VIP customer service transport, OLT service transport, and DCI scenarios.