ZXCTN 6000 Packet Transport Product Series - IPTN - ZTE Product
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ZXCTN 6000 Packet Transport Product Series

  • In the mobile field, 2G/3G/LTE users have growing demands for mobile bandwidth. There are higher requirements for transport equipment performance, but there is larger pressure to cut TCO. How to build a converged, competitive carrier-class network becomes the focus of attention of operators. In addition, enterprises network users are also faced with bandwidth growth, a variety of service interfaces and other problems. 

    The ZXCTN 6000 series is committed to building an efficient, energy-saving bearer network for operators and enterprise users, comprehensively improving the core competitiveness of the networks, and helping the users to expand the market and make business innovation.

    Green, energy saving and environmental protection

    ●   With small size, the new generation of product adopts SDR platform architecture. It is only 200mm deep and can share a cabinet with wireless equipment. It has high equipment integration and low power consumption.

    ●   The adjustable speed silent fan design reduces noise by 40% and some access products adopt the zero noise design.

    ●   It is green, environmentally friendly and lead-free.

    Applicable to more than 90% of application scenarios

    The ZXCTN 6000 provides a wide range of service interfaces such as 10GE/GE/FE/STM-1/4/E1, covers delivery requirements of 2G, 3G, LTE and VIP services, and takes into account both current and future service needs. The ultra-strong multi-scenario applicability reduces the complexity of maintenance and improves operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiency.

    ●   The ZXCTN 6000 can fully cover fiber networks. Outdoor models can be adapted to pure outdoor scenario. It can access base station/OLT and interconnect with SDH/SWITCH/ROUTER.

    ●   It can cover 100% of access-layer scenarios of mobile backhaul networks of three domestic operators, so it is preferred for industry/business VIP high-end access/aggregation devices.

    The industry's star product with leading technology

    ●   Mature and stable, widely used: The industry's most widely used access/aggregation-layer equipment has the global shipments of more than 80 million sets.

    ●   Gateway technology innovator: The equipment fully supports the access based on copper, fiber and other media, and integrates PDH/SDH/POS/GRE and other gateway functions to meet network convergence requirements in complex scenarios.

    ●   Clock technology leader: It is the industry’s first  SyncE + 1588v2 time synchronization solution. It has the industry-leading clock synchronization precision and provides perfect synchronization solution across the third-party network.

    ●   Advanced and future-oriented architecture: The unified ROSNG software platform supports dynamic loading of service modules and SDN evolution needs, and provides a good platform for network and application innovation to meet long-term requirements of service development. It supports smooth evolution to 40GE ports, and meets the requirements of future development of mobile services for greater bandwidth networks.