ZTE 5G Flexhaul Product ZXCTN 61V5 Series

  • Requirements and challenges for 5G transport networks

    In the 5G era, there are higher requirements for bandwidth, latency, and number of connections. 5G also poses corresponding challenges for the transport network: 

    l●  3G, 4G, and 5G networks coexist, the network architecture is complex, and bandwidth requirements are huge.

    l●  Strict latency requirements

    l●  Ubiquitous connection

    l●  Differentiated service requirements

    As the leader of the 5G era, ZTE innovatively proposes the 5G Flexhaul transport solution to address the challenges brought by 5G.

    ZXCTN 61V5 Product

    The ZXCTN 61V5 is the latest 5G Flexhaul transport product of ZTE. It takes the packet as the core, supports 100GE, 50GE, 25GE, 10GE, GE and other interfaces to satisfy different networking requirements of 3G/4G/5G. It also provides ultra-large bandwidth, ultra-low latency, massive connection and network slicing functions and supports fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul unified transport. The ZXCTN 61V5 has strong survivability and scalability in network deployment and technology evolution, avoiding selection troubles caused by uncertainties such as technology selection and network evolution, and effectively protecting customer investment.

    ZXCTN 61V5 include: ZXCTN 6120H-A, ZXCTN 6120H-B, ZXCTN 6120H-C, ZXCTN 6180H and ZXCTN 6190H.


    ZXCTN 6120H-A


    ZXCTN 6120H-B


    ZXCTN 6120H-C


    ZXCTN 6180H

    ZXCTN 6190H

    Highlights and customer values

    ●  Meet 3G/4G/5G bandwidth requirements and applied to wireless, enterprise customer and other transport scenarios

    The ZXCTN 61V5 provides multiple bandwidths such as 100GE/25GE/10GE/GE to support various transport scenarios such as midhaul/backhaul, enterprise customer access and other transport scenarios, greatly facilitating the planning, provisioning, O&M and optimization of the entire network.

    ZXCTN 61V5 has several access device types that provides a large number of service interface slots and a wealth of interface line cards. It allows a device to flexibly access various services and constantly meets the bandwidth evolution requirements.

    ●  Packet as the core and ultra-low latency to build an packet transport network for 5G services

    The ZXCTN 61V5 solves the problem of uncontrollable IP latency in the industry and effectively meets the low latency requirement of 5G. It supports two modes on the forwarding plane: fast forwarding and ordinary forwarding. The data forwarding mode can be selected according to the service type. The time-sensitive service can take the fast forwarding mode. At the PE node adding and dropping services, the service processing latency is reduced by one order to several us from  30us of the traditional packet device. With the innovative FlexE solution and the L1 electrical-layer direct connection, the intermediate P node allows the node pass-through close to “zero delay” and the forwarding latency of less than 1us, providing a powerful guarantee for new services and the new network architecture.

    ●  Service isolation and network slicing to fulfill differentiated needs of different services

    5G services will be characterized by diversification and differentiation. KPI varies with services in a transport network. The ZXCTN 61V5 introduces the FlexE technology on the forwarding plane to implement flexible bandwidth allocation and service isolation. Through flexible resource configuration, the product can meet differentiated requirements of 5G scenarios.  Different types of services are allocated with different resources on the control plane to make full use of network resources, improving network utilization while meeting differentiated requirements of various services.

    5G Flexhaul Scenario

    The key technologies such as FlexE, low delay forwarding, high precision clock, network slicing are provided to meet the key requirements of 5G network, such as ultra large bandwidth, ultra low delay, flexible networking, and so on, to protect the user's 5G network.



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