ZXCTN 9000-E Carrier-class Multi-service Packet Platform

  • Building Open and Integrated Networks

    Integrating advantages of both packet and transport technologies, the ZXCTN 9000-E series devices employ the world-leading distributed large-capacity non-blocking switching architecture to perform diversified services. Supporting SDN and 5G service bearing, the devices capable of providing carrier-grade reliability completely meet the demands of carrying services in MBH, Metro-E and FMC scenarios. They are committed to helping customers building networks with low construction and O&M cost.
    The ZXCTN 9000-E series products have several models: ZXCTN 9000-18EA, ZXCTN 9000-18E, ZXCTN 9000-8EA, ZXCTN 9000-8E Plus, ZXCTN 9000-8E, ZXCTN 9000-5E, ZXCTN 9000-3EA and ZXCTN 9000-3E, meeting different network scales and services of customers.

    Features & Benefits

    Large-capacity hardware architecture

    l  T-bit platform, powerful evolving ability and various high-speed high-density interfaces including 10GE, 25GE, 50GE and 100GE interfaces to comply with high-bandwidth requirements urged by the 5G era.

    Eco-friendly and energy-saving design

    l  Provide self-developed chips to make per gigabit power consumption less than 0.5w, automatic shutdown of idle hardware resources pursuant to resource use status, advanced air ducts to enhance heat dissipation efficiency and precisely controlled fan speed based on different device temperature.

    Low-latency forwarding

    l  FlexE cross-connect technologies bring in a sharp reduction in forwarding latency which currently is 10% of the traditional one, offer strong support to the services like the 5G uRLLC service.

    Elastic network slicing

    l  Support dynamic adjustment of forwarding, computing and storage resources. The user plane based on the FlexE technology allows real hard slicing. Services running on every slice are independently deployed, processed and upgraded.

    Comprehensive and reliable solutions

    l  Support key components under redundant design, diversified technologies such as GR, NSR and ISSU to ensure reliability, and hardware-based fast switchover of large-capacity services in milliseconds.

    l  Support protection switchover of the TI-LFA in any network environment and support signal degradation protection.

    l  Provide PW FRR and VPN FRR-level protection.

    Guaranteed service quality

    l  Support H-QoS and large-capacity queues and provide appropriate service quality for different customers and services. It supports FlexE and provides SDH-level transport quality.support online/offline KPI measurement and can make service quality visible.

    Advanced SDN and IP + Optical synergy

    l  Support various open SDN southbound interfaces, including NETCONF, PCEP, BGP-LS and OpenFlow. In cooperation with SDN controllers, it builds SDN-based networks to improve the resource utilization rate of the entire network and shorten new service deployment time.

    l  Support segment routing and EVPN, simplify network deployment, so that the network has a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

    l  It supports IP + optical synergy and implements unified orchestration and synergy of IP networks and optical networks to reduce the TCO of the entire network.

    Fast provisioning and OAM

    l  Support plug and play function to substantially reduce the network construction cost. The unified network management and control platform Elastic UME supports one-click service creation to activate services rapidly. A series of automated tools for service cutover, network capacity and preventive maintenance are provided to facilitate OAM.


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