ZXCTN 9000-2E Multi-service Packet Platform

  • Building Open and Integrated Networks

    ZXCTN 9000-2E series is ZTE's new generation of multi-service packet-based platform Based on core self-developed chipset technology, adopted modular and elastic architecture design, and it greatly improve the network's long-term evolution.
    Integrating advantages of both packet and transport technologies, the ZXCTN 9000-2E series devices employ distributed architecture to perform diversified services. Supporting SDN,segment routing,and EVPN, the devices capable of providing carrier-grade reliability completely meet the demands of carrying services in MBH, Metro-E and FMC scenarios. They are committed to helping customers building networks with low construction and O&M cost.
    ZXCTN 9000-2E include: ZXCTN 9000-2E4, ZXCTN 9000-2E4 Plus,ZXCTN 9000-2E10 and ZXCTN 9000-2E10A.

    Features & Benefits

    Exquisite Structure and Stable System Platform

    l  The advanced design and industry-leading self-developed chipset enable the small-sized device ZXCTN 9000-2E to show outstanding performance and excellent reliability. It means to build customers a highly cost-effective network.

    Unified Transport for 5G Ultra-broadband Era

    l  ZXCTN 9000-2E has a rich of interface types and multi-service processing capabilities, providing customers with low-cost, unified bearer solutions, meeting the needs of user’s 5G network that maximize the value to users.

    SDN Architecture and Elastic Network

    l  Simplify the Network and Increase Efficiency.Base on new service-deployment-model of EVPN technology, the MPLS EVPN, VXLAN EVPN technology makes the customer competent enough tin facing emerging demands in term of high bandwidth, complicated QoS and guaranteed SLA.

    l  SDN Capability and Flexible Bearing.Based on the innovative SDN architecture design and key features such as OpenFlow, VxLAN, Netconf, BGP-LS, BGP-FS, Segment Routing, PCEP and Telemetry, the device helps the customer to build a future-oriented SDN elastic network.

    End-to-end Service Fast Deployment and Easy Maintenance

    l  ZXCTN 9000-2E pay attention to end-to-end service fast deployment and easy maintenance. Reduce the customers' workload and difficulty of the work. Fast construction and easy maintenance effectively reduce the customer’s OPEX.


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