ZXCTN 9000 Multi-service Packet Platform

  • Overview

    ZXCTN 9000 series is new-generation Carrier-class Multi-service Packet-based Platform (CMPP) promoted by ZTE to keep with the development trend of IP telecommunication services. With packet as kernel, they implement multi-service bearing and provide customers with Mobile Backhaul, Metro-E, IP-RAN and FMC end-to-end solutions. They help customers to reduce network building cost and maintenance cost, and assist carriers to realize smooth network evolution.

    Facing the complicated and uncertain service network bearing demands, it integrates the advantages of packet and transmission technologies. Adopting the system architecture with packet switching as kernel, it integrates various IP/MPLS services and standardized services. Integrating adaptive interfaces, synchronized clock and carrier-class OAM and protection for multi-service, it implements Ethernet, ATM, and TDM carrier-class service processing and transmission.

    ZXCTN 9000 consists of ZXCTN 9008, ZXCTN 9004 and ZXCTN 9002. Their appearances are shown as below.


    Integrated Multi-service Bearing Platform Satisfies Full-service Development Demands.

    • Based on full-packet architecture, ZXCTN 9000 adopts PWE3 emulation which is compatible with TDM and ATM. It supports highly efficient MPLS/MPLS-TP tunnel technologies and L2/L3 VPN, completely meets full-service development demands, and reduces network TCO.

    Leading Timing Processing Capability Satisfies Highly Precise Synchronization Demands.

    • Integrating echnical advantages of SyncE and 1588v2, ZTE proposes the leading “time synchronization Ethernet” solution. It effectively control packet transmission rate and reduces convergence time. Implementing precise time-stamp inserting and extracting based on hardware, it effectively improves time synchronization precision.

    Complete End-to-end QoS Solution Provides Refined Differentiated Services.

    • ZXCTN 9000 provides end-to-end QoS management which can fully meet different requirements of different services on delay, jitter, and bandwidth. Implementing bandwidth control of user-level multi-service, it truly realizes service access SLA and provides guarantee for carriers’ refined operation.

    Powerful Hierarchical OAM Improves Network Availability.

    • ZXCTN 9000 completely supports OAM. Based on hardware hierarchical monitoring, it implements fast fault detection and location, performance monitoring, and end-to-end service management. It supports continuous OAM and OAM-on-demand to guarantee carrier-class service quality of service in packet transmission network. Based on various granularities such as physical port, logic link, tunnel, and pseudo-wire, hierarchical OAM makes more transparent network operation & maintenance and easier operation management.

    Multiple Reliability Mechanisms Guarantee Network Security.

    • ZXCTN 9000 supports multiple ways to provide hierarchical and segmental, connection-oriented ring protection, and VRRP etc. It provides multiple choices for complicated full-service application scenarios to guarantee 50ms fast switching. Network edge-level protection supports multiple protection with carrier-class 99.999% reliability.

    Open Technical Platform Supports High-speed Development of Service Network.

    • ZXCTN 9000’s software flexibly suits the development of multiple standards MPLS-TP, IP/MPLS, and Ethernet) and reduces technology selection risks. With its hardware adopting advanced distributed and modular system architecture and design philosophy, it reserves enough expanded bandwidth thus provides long-term support for network evolvement.

    Unified Network Management System Simplifies Operation and Maintenance.

    • ZXCTN 9000 adopts ZTE unified network management platform NetNumen U31, together with SDH/MSTP, ASON, WDM, and OTN to implement integrated management. It supports static and dynamic configuration of service connection to implement end-to-end path creation and management. It provides powerful QoS, OAM management, real-time alarm and performance monitoring. Being easy to operate and maintain, its network element management and friendly interface conforms to the requirement of traditional transmission network, making the packet network manageable and easy to maintain.

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