ZXR10 8900E Series Switch

  • ZTE ZXR10 8900E Series switches are high-end carrier-grade switch featuring with large capacity, carrier-class reliability ,leading L2/L3/MPLS capability ,enhanced security, non-blocking switch architecture and full of IPv6 features. In particular, 8900E Series switch offers various technologies to improve reliability, maintenance and energy-efficiency: VSC2.0 (Virtual Switch Cluster), BFD (Bi-directional Forwarding Detection), Zero-touch provisioning, IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) etc, which help customers build future-oriented networks, and serve as an aggregation or core in Metro Ethernet, Campus, FTTX and IP RAN scenario.

    ZXR10 8900E Series switch equipped with advanced hardware architecture and modular design, switch capacity up to 10.24Tbps ,line card wire speed capacity up to 48 x10GE, 8 x 40GE, and 4 x100GE interfaces per slot.

    Integrated with distributed Software Platform ROSng, ZXR10 8900E Series switch offer following models:

    • ●  8902E: 2 interface board slots, 2 control board slots and 2 power supply module slots. 4RU, side-to-side airflow.
    • ●  8905E: 5 interface board slots, 2 control switching slots and 3 power module slots. 10RU, side-to-side airflow.
    • ●  8908E: 8 interface board slots, 2 control switching slots and 3 power module slots. 13RU, side-to-side airflow.
    • ●  8912E:12 interface board slots, 2 control switching slots and 3 power module slots. 17RU, side-to-side airflow.
    • ●  8908E-H: 8 interface board slots, 2 control board slots, 4 independent switching fabric slots and 3 power module slots. 17RU, side-to-side airflow.
    • ●  8912E-H: 12 interface board slots, 2 control board slots, 4 independent switching fabric slots and 3 power module slots. 21RU, side-to-side airflow.

    Product Features

    Ÿ  10.24Tbps Switching Capacity, 4 x 100GE/ 48 x 10GE Wire-speed Interface Card

    • ●  ZXR10 8900E Series switch supports 10.24Tbps wire-speed switching capacity with up to 1.28Tbps switching capacity per slot. It can deliver customer a sustainable high-performance campus core and aggregation network and bearing 4K video or next generation Metro-E,campus and FTTX networks.
    • ●  ZXR10 8900E Series switch line cards include: diverse Ethernet interfaces FE/GE/10GE/ 40GE/100GE.The high capacity line cards such as 48 ports wire-speed 10GE, 8 ports wire-speed 40GE and 4 ports wire-speed 100GE.10GE and GE combo line card can be deployed in low density scenario while improve line card utilization and protect customer’s investment.

    Ÿ  Innovative Virtual Switch Cluster 2.0 (VSC2.0) Technology

    • ●  Capability: Stacking bandwidth between two switches reach 320Gbps, eliminate VSC  bandwidth bottleneck and deliver real-time non-blocking VSC system. By using optical interface stacking, the distance up to 80km and even more, solve the VSC distance restriction while deploy VSC system in different location.  
    • ●  Reliability: Independent out-band management separate the control plane and forwarding plane ,by real-time control information hot-standby technology, VSC system can achieve seamless switchover when failure happens.
    • ●  Protecting investments: No special stacking line card requirement, line card also can be used for VSC connection. some line card ports role are  VSC ports, others ports role are service port. No wasting port deployed  and protect investments.   
    • ●  Flexibility: Master and slave works on 1:N redundancy mode, MAD (Multi-active Detect) detect and avoid dual master in VSC system  while  failure happens. Real-time hot-standby and seamless switchover build more flexible VSC network.

    Ÿ Distributed Module Operating System ROS 5.0

    • ●  ZXR10 8900E adopts fully-distributed modular design: each function module can be loaded or unloaded independently; each process enjoys its dedicated resources alone; the coordination between processes is efficient and secure.
    • ●  Each line card  own CPU, while the main-control card is equipped with a more powerful CPU. Distributed protocol processing helps promote the overall computing efficiency.
    • ●  The expansion of management interfaces is flexible. Currently ZXR10 8900E is compatible with management interfaces XML and Netconf.

    Ÿ  Powerful Service Bearing Capability

    • ●  Rich L2 switching ,L3 routing functions with low latency forwarding, ZXR10 8900E Series switch can bear lots of service including WLAN, Internet, Voice, Video, Enterprise private network and other data services.
    • ●  L2/L3 MPLS VPN: VPLS, H-VPLS and VPWS. ZXR10 8900E Series switch can also support MCE. By supporting these features, it delivers customer VPN service capability.
    • ●  Support comprehensive L2/L3 Multicast protocols; support PIM-SM, PIM-DM, PIM-SSM, MLD and IGMP Snooping, fulfill the requirements for IPTV, multi-terminal high-definition video surveillance and video conferencing services.
    • ●  Support POE/POE+ interface card, fulfill WLAN scenario access.

    Ÿ  Comprehensive IPv6 Solution

    •  ●  ZXR10 8900E Series switch passed IPv6 Ready Phase 2 Gold Medal Certification issued by IPv6 Forum.
    •  ●  Support rich IPv6 unicast routing protocols: IPv6 static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, and BGP4+ and multicast features: MLD v1/v2, MLD snooping, PIMv6, etc.
    • ●  Support rich IPv4-to-IPv6 tunnel technologies: IPv6 manual tunnels, 6-to-4 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel and IPv4-compatible automatic tunnel, etc.

    Ÿ  Carrier-Class Reliability, Multi-Dimension Security

    Ÿ  Easy Maintenance, Saving OPEX

    • ●  Support independent monitoring plane, which can monitor the working temperature, fan situation, power situation, etc. It can help customer hold the network running status in real time.
    • ●  Support Zero-touch provisioning, the software and the configuration files can be loaded automatically, Reduce provision process and man power requirement.
    • ●  Support the SQA (Service Quality Analyzer), detecting the network quality periodically or in real time. In order to provide better quality of service for more valuable services.

    Ÿ  Green Innovation for Environment-friendly

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