ZXR10 5900E Series switch

  • Product Overview

    ZXR10 5900E series MPLS easy-maintenance switches are box-like layer 3 MPLS routing switches that deliver superior integrated network services for space-constrained environments in service provider networks. It can serve as an aggregation switch in various scenarios including Metro area networks and IP RAN.

    Powered by European standard hardware architecture, state-of-the-art software platform, the industry's first "Easy-maintenance" design philosophy, and industry-leading MPLS capability, ZXR10 5900E is a milestone switch presented by ZTE Corporation. With ZXR10 5900E, you can build highly reliable, secure and scalable networks, while ensuring terrific user experiences.

    ZXR10 5900E offers the following switch types:

    • ●  5916E:      12*GE RJ45 + 1* expansion card slot
    • ●  5928E:      24*GE RJ45 + 1* expansion card slot
    • ●  5928E-FI:  24*GE SFP+ 1* expansion card slot
    • ●  5952E: 16*GE RJ45/SFP + 4*subcard slots+ 1*expansion card slot

    Sub cards: 8*GE RJ45/8*GE SFP

    • ●  Expansion cards:
    • ●  4 GE RJ45 /4 GE SFP /4 10GE SFP+ /2 10GE SFP+

    Product Features

    ZXR10 5900E series switches have full support to all the leading L2/L3/MPLS features and provide big switching capacity high density GE ports and flexible GE/10GE uplink ports, and therefore are suitable to be placed at service provider networks.

    Ÿ  Modular Design Brings Scalability

    • ●  The ZXR10 5900E switch is able to provide ultimate flexible electrical/optical interface combinations for users.
    • ●  The ZXR10 5952E switch is a 2U height switch, while each of its four subcard slot can be equipped with 8*GE RJ45 card or 8*GE SFP card.
    • ●  The ZXR10 5900E Series switch supports dual modular power supply, while the ZXR10 5952E switch in addition supports field-replaceable fan-tray.
    • ●  Modular design brings ultimate flexibility for users to control investment and upgrade their network continuously.

    Ÿ  Powerful Service Bearing Capability

    Ÿ Innovative VSC2.0 (Virtual Switch Cluster) Technology
    • ●   Support VSC2.0 (Virtual Switch Cluster), which enhances cluster system capacity and port density, simplifies network topology and management.
    • ●   Real time hot-standby information synchronization between master and standby master to ensure seamless switch over against network failures, enhancing network reliability.
    • ●   Stacking bandwidth between the VSC switches can be up to 80Gbps, which can solve the bandwidth bottleneck of VSC and deliver customers a real-time non-blocking VSC system.
    Ÿ Comprehensive IPv6 Features
    • ●  The ZXR10 5900E series switch has passed IPv6 Ready Phase 2 Gold Medal Certification issued by IPv6 Forum.
    • ●  Support rich IPv6 unicast routing protocols: IPv6 static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, and BGP4+ and multicast features: MLD v1/v2, MLD snooping, PIMv6, etc.
    • ●  Support rich IPv4-to-IPv6 tunnel technologies: IPv6 manual tunnels, 6-to-4 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel and IPv4-compatible automatic tunnels, etc.
    Ÿ Easy-Maintenance
    • ●  The innovative M-Button delivers instant trouble-shooting by reading indicators on front panel without login via terminal. It helps customer solve some common problems immediately.
    • ●  Thanks to the ZXR10 5900E Series switch's 220mm depth, it costs users little space to install the switch. All the hardware components, including the power supply, all the access interfaces and uplink interface, fan modules (only 5952E support replaceable fan module) are front accessible, making it convenient to administrate the switch in space-constrained environment.
    • ●  The ZXR10 5900E Series switch supports Zero Configuration, switch can automatically download software images and start-up configurations. Zero configurations truly enable plug and play and reduces the requirement for experienced engineers.
    • ●  The ZXR10 5900E Series switch support Hotfix, which can deliver the functions upgrade without service interruption.
    Ÿ Green for More
    • ●   Support IEEE 802.3az EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet). Via chip-grade power management, interfaces can automatically sleep when no traffic.
    • ●  The fan speed can be automatically adjusted by 5 levels in accordance with the temperature inside the switch. It not only saves the power consumption, but also reduces the noise and extends the life cycle of fans.
    • ●  Complying with ROHS, WEEE and ISO14001 certification, No plumbum (Pb) in not only product materials but also the whole processing technic. Meanwhile, use re-cycles degradable packing materials, practice green for more.


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