ZENIC vDC Controller - Network Control & Managemnet System - ZTE Product
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ZENIC vDC Controller

  • Flexible and Intelligent Cloud Network

    The continuous rise of new services such as 5G, internet of things, big video and cloud services has brought great challenges to traditional data centers. The ZENIC vDC controller is a carrier-class cluster controller product launched by ZTE. It is oriented to the application scenarios of telecom cloud(NFVI), private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. In combination with service orchestrator and cloud platform, it provides the end-to-end SDN solution.

    l  Full-capability cloud-based networking

    Supports full-service scenarios, such as telecom cloud, private cloud, public cloud and edge cloud, the ZENIC vDC controller fully considers various service demands and provides integrated network solutions.

    Supports full-capability access, implements unified management of multiple computing loads such as virtualized server, bare metal physical server, SR-IOV VM and container, and obtains unified features of automatic service distribution and centralized management & control.

    l  Full lifecycle network management

    Supports one-stop network service, ranging from service design, deployment, and guarantee to closed loop control. It achieves full lifecycle management from user service requirements to problem closed loop processing and provides all-round and comprehensive services.

    l  Provide intelligent network management and O&M means

    Supports Network and application visualization, su apportsbundant fault detection tools, provide intelligent fault analysis and recovery. Realize intelligent network management.

    l  High-reliability cluster architecture

    Supports 3-server cluster deployment mode, any single node off-line does not affect the work of the controller cluster; the controller cluster and the forwarding equipments are strictly decoupled, and the loss of the controller cluster does not affect the work of the forwarding plane.