ZENIC vDC Controller

  • Flexible and Intelligent Cloud Network

    SDN is a kind of open and programmable network architecture with forwarding & control separation, centralized management & control. Now it has become a mainstream trend in Data Center Network (DCN) development.

    ZENIC vDC controller is a carrier-class cluster controller product launched by ZTE. It focuses on SDN requirements of cloud Data Centers (DC) and is applied to hybrid overlay and hardware overlay . It integrates cloud management platform and network management platform, allows unified resource planning and deployment, quickly builds new virtualized data centers, and provides end-to-end DC SDN solutions.

    Based on ZTE's technology accumulation in DC construction and data communications, the ZTE ZENIC vDC controller provides an open and flexible capability to help operators and enterprise customers to build new virtualized DC networks.

    l  Build SDN Fabric on traditional IP network through Overlay network

    Build DC basic network architecture through the Overlay network and transport network application services without large-scale modification in basic networks.

    l  Provide visual management to optimize network scheduling

    Provide equipment access management, network topology automatic discovery, forwarding path calculation, fault diagnosis, traffic engineering and other visual management modes to optimize the network scheduling.

    l  Integrate cloud management platforms and automatically deploy network services

    Support open API interfaces based on REST/RESTCONF. The cloud management platform can call northbound API interfaces of the ZENIC vDC controller to create/maintain network resource objects such as tenants, networks, subnets and ports. The ZENIC vDC controller can automatically deploy these network resource objects without manual involvement.

    l  Employ service chain to customize orchestration network services

    Employ the service chain technology to customize orchestration network services (such as FW, LB and VPN), meeting personalized requirements of users.


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