ZENIC ONE R22 TN Intelligent Management & Control Integrated System - Network Control & Managemnet System - ZTE Product
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ZENIC ONE R22 TN Intelligent Management & Control Integrated System

  • The ZENIC ONE is oriented to ZTE’s network SDN intelligent management and control integrated system of the transport network. It is the main product of the SDN controller after the SDN/NFV network evolution. It is presented in a graphical man-machine interface. It integrates the network management component, network control component, network collection component and network analysis component in the microservice mode, and has powerful intelligent network O&M capability.
    • Super-strong Management

    The management capability is increased from 30000 equivalent NEs to 300000+ to meet the large-scale network management requirements.

    • Controllable Security

    The CSA PaaS platform provides enhanced certification of product security and ensures the industry’s leading security. Services are secure and deployed in clusters. When a node fails, services are not interrupted, and users is unaware of the failure. The information security strictly complies with the EU GDPR standard.

    • Innovation and Integration

    ZTE first employs the Cloud Native technology product in the industry. Adopting micro-service architecture and based on the ZTE-developed PaaS platform, it supports management and control integration and flexible on-demand scalability.

    • Intelligent O&M

    The self-developed AI engine provides algorithm training and reasoning to implement real-time network perception, real-time prediction, in-depth analysis, and in-depth optimization. The PCE algorithm developed by ZTE leads the industry in rerouting efficiency.