ZXA10 C610: Pizza-box PON OLT Meets Flexible and Cost-effective Ultra-BB Deployment

  • The ZXA10 C610 is a pizza-box PON OLT that meets flexible, fast and cost-effective access of FTTx, suiting the scenarios such as sparse/ remote/cost-sensitive area, smart industrial park, commercial building and FTTM, etc.
  • 16-port Layout

    8-port Layout

    Small size, compact design, the industry's highest density pizza-box OLT
    Industry's highest level of system throughput MAC addresses.
    Provides abundant uplink capabilities to meet the requirements of non-blocking service forwarding.
    Deployable on 300mm deep shelves, double the integration per unit volume. 

    Carrier-class security protection and high-reliability redundancy design
    Supports uplink redundancy protection including LACP, STP, RSTP, and MSTP.
    Supports link protection.
    The power card and fan module are hot-swappable and support redundancy.

    Multi-scenario adaptation, rapid deployment, and flexible on-demand access
    Suits space-limited equipment rooms.
    Supports the deployment in diverse scenarios including remote areas, sparsely-populated areas and cost-sensitive areas.
    Supports FTTM and sharing the same site/rack with wireless base stations. 

    Cost-effective and lower TCO
    Compact design and easy to install and maintain.  
    Dramatically saves on investment fees in trunk fibers, pipe engineering, and facilities.
    Supports multiple installation modes.


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