ZXA10 C600: Large Capacity Optical Access Equipment Oriented to Network Re-architecture

  • The ZXA10 C600 is a piece of large-capacity optical access equipment oriented to network re-architecture based on the TITAN platform. It meets the full-scenario access needs of ultra-high bandwidth, big video, FMC and network re-architecture, as well as carrier-class QoS and security.

    State-of-the-art architecture meets future requirements
    High-end route and fully distributed programmable architecture.
    ●Separated control and forwarding planes. Redundant protection is designed between the active and standby control plane while load-balancing is adopted for the dual forwarding planes.
    ●Supports ISSU and NSR to make possible 0 interruption during switchover or upgrade.
    ●Supports TDM-like channels to ensure ultra-low latency to meet 5G uRLLC requirements. 

    The largest capacity meets multiple services access
    The industry's highest level of switching capacity and slot bandwidth.
    ●Fully compatible with multiple generations of PON and multiple technology directions.

    SDN ready, AO/CO re-architecture oriented
    Support Netconf/YANG, migrate to SDN smoothly
    ●Supports network slicing.
    ●Supports built-in blade as NFVI for experience-sensitive services.

    Supports Combo PON, industry's first 3-in-1 combination
    The WDM1r is built in the optical module without affecting existing GPON services.
    ●Supports on-demand deployment of GPON and 10G-GPON ONUs according to service development.


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