ZXA10 C300: The Industry's First Future-proof Large Capacity Optical Access Platform

  • The ZXA10 C300 suits diverse FTTx application scenarios including FTTH, FTTO and FTTdp to meet the large scale GPON/EPON and 10G PON deployments. It offers ultra-fast bandwidth and meets the requirements of big video, FMC and universal broadband services.

  • Multiple access modes and coexistence different generations of PON technologies ensure sustainable network evolution
    Supports full range of E/GPON to 10G PON solutions.
    A unified platform that supports the coexistence of multiple PON technologies.
    Supports on-demand deployment and flexible access.

    Large capacity and high integration
    Supports 128 10G PON/Combo PON ports per chassis.
    Supports 256 GPON/EPON ports per chassis.

    A mature commercial 10G PON platform that meets large-scale deployment requirements in the 10G PON era 
    Leading position in 10G PON deployment.
    Industry's first symmetric/asymmetric 10G-EPON commercial use.
    Supports symmetric/asymmetric 10G GPON access.
    Industry's first XG-PON large-scale commercial use.

    Industry's first innovative Combo PON solution that significantly reduces the difficulty and cost of upgrading from GPON to 10G PON 
    3-in-1 feature (GPON+10G PON+WDM1r) in one Combo PON port and two generations of PON technologies integrated in one card help smooth upgrade from GPON to 10G PON.
    Uses the existing shelves, racks, ODFs and other resources to reduce the equipment room space greatly and to save CapEx.
    No additional insertion loss. No need to change the existing ODN.
    Saves the spare parts and maintenance cost and reduces OpEx.

    Green and energy saving platform 
    Intelligent speed control fans.

    Supports Port ALS detection.

    Fast service provisioning through “zero” data planning and “zero” manual configuration
    Automatic service configuration. 
    Automatic ONU access.
    Exports ONU data in batches and implements ONU plug-and-play.
    Convenient and efficient service provisioning.


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