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The ZTE LAN MDU family supports HSI, VoIP, video, clock synchronization, serial ports, etc. in scenarios including FTTB/O/M, campus networks, smart grids and smart manufacturing workshop informatization. With their plug-and-play function, high reliability and strong environmental adaptability, the MDUs can help operators as well as government and enterprise customers to achieve fast deployment, rapid network upgrades, efficient operation and simple maintenance.


Complete product range, high performance, and multi-service capabilities to all FTTx scenarios for operators as well as government and enterprise customers.
Available in fixed box, plug-in box, and buckle types to enable flexible selection and reduce construction investment.
Enable fast and low-cost upgrades of FTTB networks to 10G PON networks.
Provide high-quality voice service. Access IMS or softswitch networks flexibly through SIP and H.248 protocols.
Wide temperature range, high reliability and high security to ensure long-term stable operation.
Plug-and-play, simple installation, zero on-site configuration, automatic service provisioning, and remote maintenance. 
Low power consumption and lead-free design to deliver environmental benefits and reduce operating costs. 

ZXA10 F832

The ZXA10 F832 is a full-GE LAN MDU of the fixed box type. The MDU is available in six configurations: 24 GE, 16 GE, 8 GE, 24 GE+24 POTS, 16 GE+16 POTS, and 8 GE+8 POTS. The MDU can be deployed in FTTB+LAN scenarios to provide gigabit broadband and voice services for homes, enterprises and campuses. The MDU cools naturally and can be installed in the corridor, on the desktop, in the communications cabinet, etc.

ZXA10 F839

The ZXA10 F839 is a full-GE Cellular Backhaul Unit (CBU) of the semi-fixed box type. Its main control board supports 2 combo ports and 6 GE ports. With a buckle, the CBU supports 4 GE ports and 4 E1 ports. The CBU provides high-precision time/clock synchronization capabilities including 2 1PPS+ToD, 8 1588V2 and SyncE. It is particularly suitable for 2G/3G/4G base station (pico/femto) backhaul in FTTM scenarios. The CBU cools naturally and capability, the CBU can be installed on the wall, in the information box, on the desktop, etc.

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