Optical Network Management and O&M Solution

  • Since the optical basic network is passive, it lacks the ability to monitor and report information, that makes the network become a "dumb resource" which is difficult to manage and maintain. ZTE proposed series of intelligent optical network management and O&M solutions, which based on the IOT label and sensing technology to realize intelligent optical network refined management and intelligent operation, improve O&M efficiency and save the cost.
  • Feature:

    Full lifecycle solutions, cover whole optical fiber basic network, building a manageable and controllable optical network.
    Guidance for operation and error warning functions to avoid manual error.
    Automatic information collection and transfer, ensure resource accuracy.
    7*24 network monitoring, real time fault location and analysis, improve the efficiency for troubleshooting.
    Keep infrastructure safety by IoT tech , protecting investment security.
    Professional resource arrangement system and tools improve the accuracy of resource.



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