ZXA10 9852G: Builds up Cost-Effective and Short-TTM FTTdp Networks

  • The ZXA10 9852G is an enclosed OSP (Outside Plant) DPU with 16/8-line G.fast access. It is able to provide fiber-like access speeds of 1000Mbps+ to subscribers in FTTdp scenarios.

    Six uplink modes, on-demand deployment
    The ZXA10 9852G supports the GE, 10GE, GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 uplink modes. Through changing the uplink optical module, it implements technology evolution and bandwidth upgrade at a reduced cost.

    New-generation fully-enclosed design simplifies installation and maintenance
    The ZXA10 9852G leverages a fully-enclosed design, and is easy for installation and maintenance.
    ●Easy installation: Thanks to the out-of-box wiring design, all wiring works can be done out of the box, thus significantly simplify the on-site installation work. 
    ●Diverse installation modes: Supports wall-mount, pole-mount, manhole-mount and aerial-mount. 
    ●Easy replacement: Supports the replacement by pulling out and plugging in the connectors without the need of rewiring. 

    G.fast/VDSL2 hybrid mode and built-in RCR enable on-demand migration
    When some subscribers need to migrate to FTTdp@G.fast from FTTC/B@VDSL2, the ZXA10 9852G provides a smooth and on-demand migration mode by using the built-in RCR technology, which enables some users to migrate while others are still under the previous mode. Once the DPU installation is completed, all the migration can be done automatically without on-site operation.

    Self-care powering provides flexible and convenient power supply
    The ZXA10 9852G provides all-in-one power supply mode, and is adaptive to complex and unpredictable power conditions. The self-care RFP solution supports friendly-user power feeding and fair power feeding, and provides comprehensive RPF management.

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