ZXA10 9806V: Enables 100+Mbps Access Over Twisted-pair

  • The ZXA10 9806V is a 2U compact MDU that delivers an access speed of 100+Mbps to end users by leveraging the Vectoring technology to exploit the full potential values of copper cables.

  • 2U high, 256-line SLV equipment suits various FTTB/FTTC scenarios
    Thanks to the compact and high-integration design, the ZXA10 9806V, which is 2U in height, provides four line card slots to support the access of up to 256-line POTS or VDSL2, and is suitable for various of FTTB/FTTC scenarios.

    Using the full-crosstalk-cancellation technology to deliver 100+Mbps access bandwidth to subscribers
    The full-cancellation technology cancels all FEXTs generated from all the other lines to one line, while the partial cancellation technology just cancels the FEXTs generated from adjacent lines to one line. Therefore, the full-cancellation technology can truly deliver 100+Mbps with no bandwidth difference to all users in the same bundle.

    Independent VCE design improves the reliability of Vectoring deployment
    The ZXA10 9806V uses a unique independent and pluggable VCE (Vectoring control engine) card to guarantee higher reliability, even if the VCE card is down or pulled out, the whole system can still work in normal VDSL2 mode.

    Multi-level Vectoring design facilitates on-demand Vectoring deployment

    The ZXA10 9806V supports VDSL2, BLV (Board Level Vectoring), and SLV (System Level Vectoring) modes so that the carriers are able to choose normal VDSL2 or Vectoring in different deployment phases flexibly, and are easy to run or switch among VDSL2 mode, BLV mode or SLV mode.


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