ZXDSL 9806H: Super Star Mini-DSLAM/ DSL MDU Product

  • The ZXDSL 9806H is a 2U compact DSL product that works as a mini-DSLAM or a DLS MDU in FTTB/FTTC scenarios. It uses the existing twisted pairs to solve the problems of laying fibers to premises in broadband deployments.

  • Industry’s first 2U ,mini-DSLAM/DSL MDU serving over 100 million subscribers worldwide
    The ZXDSL 9806H is the industry’s first 2U mini-DSLAM/DSL MDU that provides four service slots per chassis, supports 10G PON, GPON, EPON, GE and FE uplinks, and supports the access of VDSL2, ADSL2+, SHDSL, POTS and ISDN.  

    Greatly reduces the broadband acceleration cost comparing to FTTH through reusing existing copper cable resources
    The ZXDSL 9806H reuses the existing copper cables in cities, towns and communities to accelerate the broadband speed without the need of rewiring within residential communities and buildings, which decreases the network construction cost greatly.

    The ZXDSL 9806H leverages energy-saving technologies including power management, intelligent power feeding, PSD adjustment, MMA dynamic adjustment, G/H Line-drive and service status switchover methods to reduce power and energy consumption.


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