ZXA10 9852G: Builds up Cost-Effective and Short-TTM FTTdp Networks

  • The ZXA10 9852G is an enclosed DPU that supports the access of 8/16 G.fast 106a/212a, and provides 2Gbps -level access speed to end users in FTTdp/FTTB scenarios.

  • 2 Gbps access bandwidth over copper cables 
    The ZXA10 9852G provides 1Gbps bandwidth with G.fast profile 106a and 2Gbps access with G.fast profile 212a, and supports flexible access via the 10GE and XG(S)-PON uplink interfaces. 

    Flexible Power Feeding for Various Scenarios 
    ZTE’s unique integrated local AC + RPF design. In the initial phase of G.fast deployment, the DPU can be powered by mixed local AC+RPF due to mixed VDSL2 and G.fast CPEs
    In all G.fast phase, the DPU is smoothly migrated and is powered by RPF. And ZXA10 9852G is the first in the industry to support ETSI SR2-compliant RPF among its 16L counterparts.

    Industry-exclusive 6-in-1 uplink
    ZXA10 9852G adopts all-in-one MAC to be compatible with multi uplink techs like GE, 10GE, GPON, XG-PON1 and even XGS-PON. Through swapping uplink SFP module flexibly, the backhaul of DPU can be smoothly migrate from GE or GPON to 10GE or even XGS-PON.
    ZXA10 9852G provides DSL Bonding uplink, and reuses existing copper cable resources to offer 1000M uplink bandwidth to the buildings where the fibers are unavailable, enabling the users in the buildings to obtain G.fast services

    On-demand migration
    The ZXA10 9852G supports smooth migration from VDSL2 to G.fast through hybrid access of G.fast and VDSL2. 

    Configurable uplink/downlink bandwidth ratio for customized packages
    The ZXA10 9852G supports pre-configuration of G.fast uplink and downlink bandwidth ratio when regular packages do not satisfy user demands, providing customized packages to business and residential users.


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