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    The ZXHN F663NV3a is a single-frequency and economical smart gateway specially built by ZTE for China Mobile. It adopts a new-generation self-developed chip, loads the intelligent operating system, supports dynamic loading of plug-ins, and provides users with abundant home services. The stable wireless performance provides smooth Wi-Fi for the home. Its unique open application platform creates an operator-dominated and user-centered smart home application ecosystem.


    ZXHN F680 is a dual-band GPON home gateway in ZTE FTTH solutions. The F680 supports GE/FE auto-negotiation Ethernet ports, FXS ports, USB ports and dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n/ac). It supports plug-and-play, remote diagnosis, and energy conservation features. The F680 provides ultra-bandwidth access using GPON technologies for home users. The high-performance of F680 will guarantee the voice, data, and HD video experience for home users, which makes the device future-proof and an ideal terminal for FTTH deployment.


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