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Server & Storage


ZTE has been adopting the policy of "integrating software and hardware" for self-development in the IT market. ZTE not only has covered low-end and high-end hardware, but also has become one of the few self-developed software vendors in China by virtue of its sophisticated technologies. These products and solutions are combined with ZTE's other products into extensive product portfolios to meet the various application needs of customers.

Disk Array:
Faster: The EEP is used to dynamically rebuild disks. After a drive failure occurs, the EEP is used to restore the storage system to the best status at a speed ten times faster than that of traditional RAID.

Denser: Higher storage capacity is available on an equal rack space to others, reaching twice more than the industry average.

Smaller space: Storage space is dynamically allocated as required by applications using the thin provisioning technology, saving 80% of storage space as compared with the traditional roll mode.

Lower costs: Compared with disk arrays at the same grade, ZTE's products provide larger cache, higher cache hit rate, and better performance, with the average price per TB 10% to 20% lower than the industry average.

Easier operation and maintenance: Disk arrays can be deployed in five steps, reducing the difficulty in and operating costs of storage management. Modular design of components, hot-swappable controllers, power supplies, and fans, as well as disk bays with the drawer design; all contribute to simple replacement and maintenance procedures.

Environment-friendly: The high-voltage DC power supply module reduces heat and improves energy efficiency through efficient energy conversion. Intelligent drive sleep, fan speed control, and CPU frequency conversion are also available.