R5500 G4 Rack Server - Server - ZTE Product
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R5500 G4 Rack Server

  • ZXCLOUD R5500 G4 is a storage intensive rack server combining computing and storage, which is designed for applications of data storage field. It supports the latest Intel XEON extensible processor, and provides ultra-large-capacity storage and ultra-high-speed I/O interface. It features high density and large capacity, fully meeting strict requirements of massive data storage, such ad cloud storage, cloud computing, private cloud, big data, video and image.

  • 1.High-Performance and High-Density Storage

    ■      Based on the latest Intel Purley platform
    ■      Supports 2 Intel Xeon Scalable processors
    ■      Provides 16 DIMM slots, supporting 2933MT DDR4 memory

    ■      With 4U-height, supports 38 2.5”/3.5” SAS/SATA hot-swap hard disks,four slots supports  NVMe U.2 disks

    2.High Reliability and High Scalability

    ■      Provides up to 8 non hot-swap PCIe 3.0 slots, supporting multiple types of interfaces

    ■      Intelligent cooling design, improving system reliability and effectively extend the life of parts

    ■      Hard disk, power and other key parts support hot swap. Users can replace and maintain parts without powering off, improving system availability.

    ■      Provides SAS HBA/RAID cards, supporting RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and more, to provide multiple kinds of data protection schemes

    ■      Adopts redundant power module, supporting 1+1 redundancy

    3.Convenient Management and Easy Maintenance

    ■      Monitors running status of CPU and memory in real time, manages system power and cooling, and supports to implement relevant configuration rapidly

    ■      Provides powerful iKVM function, and supports system management through Web mode

    ■      Supports IPMI2.0, to provide out-of-band management through the IPMI interface; provides RMCP + SNMP interface, to integrate with third-party management system; provides local management tool

    4.Green, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection

    ■      Mute fan design: smart speed control, low power consumption, low noise

    ■      Real-time monitoring of system power consumption, convenient for customers to configure power of equipment room according to application situation

    ■      CPU intelligent frequency conversion, to adjust CPU working frequency per service pressure

    ■      Green and harmless, lead-free, environmental protection

    ■      Platinum power supply, reaching conversion efficiency up to 94%

    5.Technical Specifications


    ZXCLOUD R5500 G4

    Host Feature




    Supports 1/2  Intel Xeon Pruley Scalable processor

    Memory slots

    16* memory slots, supporting DDR4 memory bank

    Hard disk controller

    Supports 12Gb SAS HBA/RAID card, and supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and more

    Hard disk

    36* 2.5” or 3.5”SAS/SATA hot-swap HDD/SSD,4 NVMe U.2 hard disks are supported.

    2* 2.5”SAS/SATA hot-swap HDD/SSD


    Integrated with 2 GE interface and 1 IPMI management GE interface


    Integrated graphics

    I/O Module

    PCIe slot

    8 PCIe3.0 slots (1 non-standard slot), supporting multiple kinds of configuration

    External device interface

    4 USB 3.0 intefaces

    2 GE ports

    1 serial port

    1 VGA interface

    1 independent management GE port


    Compatible OS

    Compatible with mainstream server OS, including but not limited:

    Windows Server  (x64),RedHat Linux Enterprise,SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (x64),Centos,CGSL,VMware ESXi,KYLIN, Oracle Linux

    Physical Features


    Power: 550W/800W/1200W

    AC: 100-240v/50~60Hz

    HVDC: 240V/336V

    LVDC: -48V

    1+1 hot-swap redundancy power

    Environmental condition

    Working temperature: +5ºC~+40ºC

    Storage temperature: -40ºC~+70ºC

    Relative humidity: working environment 8%~90%, non working environment 5%~95%

    Altitude: ≤3000m


    H (177mm) x W (433.6mm) x D (670mm)


    8 hot-swap fans, supporting N+1 redundancy, and supporting dynamic smart speed control


    Maximum 53.4kg