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R5500 G4X Rack Server

  • The R5500 G4X rack server is an enterprise-class general rack server developed by ZTE, which supports Intel's third generation Xeon® Scalable series high-performance processors. It features ultra-large capacity storage, ultra-high-speed I/O interface, and strong computing capability. It is a storage-intensive server product that integrating computing with storage for applications in the data storage field, fully satisfying the strict requirements of massive applications in the data storage realm for cloud storage, cloud computing, private cloud, big data, video and image.

    1.High performance, high density
    ■ Supports the high performance processors on the latest Intel Whitley platform Ice Lake.
    ■ In dual-channel mode, the server supports a maximum of 80 physical cores and hyper-threading to meet the requirement for cloud computing deployment.
    ■ Provides the high memory bandwidth design capability, supporting 32 DDR4-3200 memory bars and accelerating the performance of memory-intensive applications.

    ■ Supports a maximum of 28 NVMe U.2 hard disks, and provides high-speed IO interfaces to solve the bottleneck of slow access to traditional hard disks. 

    2.High scalability

    ■ Supports multiple storage configurations to be able to support large storage configurations with a maximum of 44 2.5/3.5-inch hot-swappable hard disks.
    ■ Supports expanding 12 PCIe slots to meet flexible expansion requirements such as network and storage control.
    ■ Supports up to two dual-width or four single-width GPU cards, providing powerful heterogeneous computing capabilities.

    3.Convenient management, easy maintenance
    ■ Comprehensively monitors system health to enable the monitoring and diagnosis of core components.
    ■ Provides automatic deployment, firmware upgrade, and remote operations to improve deployment and O&M efficiency.
    ■ Provides enterprise-level management function and reliability, automatic attendance on equipment, real-time monitoring of core components, and streamlined classifying and reporting of faults, to provide comprehensive guarantee for the operation and maintenance of the data center.

    4.Green, energy saving, environment protection
    ■ Adopts the 80PLUS high-energy-efficiency power module and supports high-voltage DC and low-voltage DC technologies to provide energy utilization.
    ■ Adopts high-efficiency fans. With the same heat dissipation capability, the power consumption is lower.
    ■ The fans support intelligent speed adjustment and the silent design.

    ■ Lead-free design, green and environment protection.

    5.Technical specifications


     R5500 G4X Server

    Host Features



    Adaptable cabinet

    19 inches ≧1,000m-deep cabinet


    Supports 1/2 Xeon® Scalable Ice Lake series processors. Each supports at most 40 cores.  

    Memory slot

    32 DDR4-3200 RDIMM or LRDIMM memory slots. The maximum memory capacity can reach 12TB.

    Hard disk controller

    Supports standard and self-developed storage HBA or Raid cards, SAS3.0/SATA3.0/PCIe3.0/PCIe4.0

    Hard disk

    Provides the configuration of multiple front-end storage disk slots, supporting hot swapping, and supporting HDD and SSD.

          24x2.5/3.5" disk slots, supporting HDD/SSD, 8 of which support U.2 hard disks

    Provides multiple configurations of rear storage modules, which can be selected as needed, and support hot swapping, HDD, and SSD.

          12x2.5/3.5"disk slots, supporting HDD/SSD and supporting U.2 hard disk

          2x2.5 "disk slots, supporting HDD/SSD and supporting U.2 hard disk

          2x2.5/3.5"disk slots, supporting HDD/SSD


    Integrated display controller, whose maximum resolution is 1,920x1,080

    System management

    Web Chinese management interface, supporting IPMI2.0 and KVM Over IP

    IO module

    PCIe slot

    A maximum of 12 PCIe slots (one dedicated slot for the RAID card and one OCP slot)

    External equipment interface

    4 USB interfaces (2 back USB3.0/USB2.0 interfaces and 2 front USB2.0 interfaces)

    2 VGA interfaces (one for the front end, and one for the back end)

    1 RJ45 serial port

    3 GE electrical interfaces (2 GE service interfaces, 1 IPMI GE management interface)

    Physical features


    2 CRPS standard power supply devices, supporting hot swapping and 1+1 redundancy

    Platinum power supply, providing 550W, 800W, and 1,200W

    Supporting multiple power supply systems: 110/220VAC, -48VDC, 240VDC, and 336VDC

    Environment conditions

    Operating temperature: 5℃~40℃

    Storage temperature: -40℃~65℃

    Operating humidity: 8% ~ 90% RH, no condensation

    Transport storage humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH, no condensation

    Altitude: 3,000m

    System size

    19-inch rack, chassis dimensions:

    447.6 mm x 175 mm x 780 mm (W x H x D), excluding flanges


    4 hot-swappable, redundant, and central fans, supporting the dynamic and intelligent fan speed adjustment heat dissipation system


    The weight of the equipment with full configuration should not exceed 55kg (excluding guide rails)

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    Compatible OS

    CGSL, Microsoft Windows Server, Suse, Redhat, Centos, VMWare ESXI, Kylin, Red Flag, Oracle Linux

    Note: For the supported operating system versions, refer to the server compatibility list.