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R5300 G4X Rack Server

  • R5300 G4X is a new generation 2U2 general rack server developed by ZTE, supporting two Intel ® Xeon ® third generation extensible processors (Ice Lake). R5300 G4X is designed with high density, modularization and streamline. It features high performance, high reliability, easy scalability and easy management, which is widely applicable to Internet, cloud computing, big data and NFV.

    1.High density, high performance   

    ■ 2 Intel ® Xeon ® third-generation extensible processors (Ice Lake) with a single processor up to 40 cores

    ■ Provides dual CPUs for high-speed interconnection, up to 3 UPIs for fast channel interconnection, and transmission rate of up to 11.2GT/s

    ■ Provides 32 DDR4 memory slots at a rate of up to 3,200MT/s

    ■ Provides high-speed I/O performance and supports high performance NVMe SSD.

    2.High scalability, high bandwidth

    ■ Provides a maximum of 41 2.5" disk slots or 20 3.5" disk slots + 4 2.5 "disk slots to meet the large-capacity storage requirement.

    ■ Supports maximum of 28 NVMe SSD interfaces and provides high-speed I/O interfaces to solve the bottleneck of slow hard disk access in traditional solutions.

    ■ Provides multiple storage combinations and RAID card configuration options to flexibly configure local storage in accordance with service requirements.

    ■ Provides powerful expansion capability and supports up to 14 PCIe expansion slots.

    ■ Provides powerful computing capability, and supports four high-performance GPGPU modules

    3.High availability, high reliability 

    ■ Provides a good heat dissipation design, which improves system reliability, effectively extends the life of components, and reduces costs.

    ■ The hard disks, power supply devices and fans support hot swapping, which improves the availability of the system.

    ■ Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60, supporting power-off protection and providing multiple data protection solutions for users

    ■ The power module supports 1+1 redundancy and the fan supports N+1 redundancy, thus improving the system reliability.

    4.Convenient management, easy maintenance  

    ■ Provides the intelligent management platform, which implements out-of-band monitoring of resources such as CPU, memory, hard disk, fan, power supply, and network.

    ■ Supports standard interfaces such as IPMI, SNMP and Redfish, which can be integrated with a third-party management system.

    ■ Supports automatic deployment, firmware upgrade, and remote operations to improve deployment and O&M efficiency.

    ■ Provides the powerful KVM function.

    5.Green, energy saving, environment protection

    ■ Adopts the 80 PLUS high-efficiency platinum power supply with an efficiency of up to 94%, and supporting power capping.

    ■ Supports high-voltage DC and low-voltage DC technologies to improve energy utilization.

    ■ Intelligent speed adjustment and mute design

    ■ Lead-free design, green and environmental protection

    6.Technical Specifications


    R5300 G4X  Rack Server

    Specification Features


    2U rack server 


    2 Intel ® Xeon ® 3rd generation scalable processors Ice lake

    Chip group

    Intel Lewisburg-R PCH


    32 DDR4 memory slots, with a maximum rate of 3,200MT/s

    Hard disk controller

    Supports RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60, and supports power-off protection

    Local storage

    Front storage hard disks:

    8x2.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA/NVMe and supporting hot swapping

    24x2.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA/NVMe and supporting hot swapping

    25x2.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA, of which 8 can support NVMe and support hot swapping

    12x3.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA/NVME and supporting hot swapping

    Middle storage hard disk:

    8x2.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA (optional)

    4x3.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA (optional)

    Rear storage hard disks:

    4x2.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA/NVMe and supporting hot swapping (optional)

    4x3.5"/2.5" disk positions, supporting SAS/SATA and supporting hot swapping (optional)

    IO module

    Network resources

    2*GE electric ports, supporting NCSI

    PCIe slots

    Supporting a maximum of 14 PCIe4.0 expansion slots:

    1 OCP3.0 slot, supporting NCSI

    1 on-board RAID card slot

    10 standard rear-panel slots

    2 central GPU slots

    External equipment interface

    6 USB interfaces (2 back USB3.0 interfaces, 2 internal USB3.0 interfaces, 2 front USB2.0 interfaces)

    2 VGA interfaces (one for the front end and one for the back end)

    1 serial port

    Equipment management interface

    1 independent GE management network port


    Integrated graphics card, and the PCIe standard graphics card is optional


    Compatible OS

    Compatible with mainstream operating systems:

    Microsoft Windows Sever, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, CentOS, Vmware ESXi, CGSL, Oracle Linux

    Physical Features


    Supporting 1+1 hot-swapping redundancy power

    Selecting 550W/800W/1,200W/2,000W efficient platinum power supply

    Supporting 110V/220V AC, 240V/336 V high-voltage DC, and -48V DC


    4 groups of efficient fans, N+1 redundancy, intelligent adjustment heat dissipation system

    Environmental Condition

    Operating temperature: +5 ºC ~ +45 ºC

    Storage temperature: -40 ºC ~ +65 ºC

    Operating humidity: 8% ~ 90% RH, no condensation

    Transport storage humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH, no condensation

    Altitude: ≤ 3,000m. When the temperature is higher than 900m, the operating temperature is reduced by 1℃ when the altitude rises by 300m. If the attitude is higher than 3,000m, the server does not support the configuration of mechanical hard disks.


    432mm x 87.6mm x 780mm (W x H x D), excluding flanges and guide rails.

    Standard 19-inch rack (rack depth >=1m)

    Weight of equipment with full configuration

    At most about 35kg

    Relevant certificate