ZXCLOUD KS3200 V2 Disk Array

  • The ZXCLOUD KS3200 V2 storage system is a high-end unified storage product for enterprise applications, providing users with secure and reliable storage services. The KS3200 V2 features industry-leading hardware specifications, and high-density interface design. With the help of KingStor V2 storage platform software, it introduces advanced virtualization software concepts and provides comprehensive storage value-added service functions to meet enterprise users' data storage capacity, IO performance, and data security, business continuity and other requirements. Therefore, the system can be applied to medium and large databases, high-performance computing, multimedia video data storage, file services, Internet applications, backup, disaster recovery and many other fields and industries.

    1.High performance, easy scaling

    ■     High-performance and multi-core processors;

    ■     Dual controllers with the high-speed cache of up to 384GB;

    ■     3U machine with built-in drawer-type hard disk units, providing 42-disk-position high-density storage capabilities;

    ■     Supports 6 high-density IO interface cards, which can provide up to 16 10Gb iSCSIs, 16 16Gb FCs, 16 10Gb NASs, 8 25Gb iSCSIs, and powerful interface capabilities to meet different application requirements;

    ■     Supports multi-level expansion, provides up to 16 48Gb HD-miniSAS back-end interfaces, supports 1,194 hard disks, 8,192 hosts, and 8,192 LUNs to meet the high-capacity needs of users for high-end storage products;

    ■     Supports automatic hierarchical storage, with flexible combination of different hard disk types such as NVMe SSD, SAS SSD, SAS HD, and NL_SAS HD, by using the limited investment for greater capacity and higher IO performance;

    ■     Supports storage virtualization, and makes unified management, data migration, and data disaster recovery backup of other magnetic array storage resources through virtualization technologies.

    2.High availability, high reliability 

    ■     The system provides multiple controller that adopts active-active working mode to realize fault detection and automatic switching to ensure continuous system service when single point of failure occurs; 
    ■     Fully supports RAID levels such as RAID0, RAID1, RAID3, RAID5, RAID6, RAID10, and RAID50 to meet different levels of data security requirements; 

    ■     Supports ZTE’s EEP virtualization technology to achieve higher reliability and faster RAID reconstruction speed while providing higher concurrent access capabilities than traditional RAIDs; 

    ■     The KingStor V2 storage operating system supports a variety of advanced data management functions, such as snapshots, volume copy (local, remote replication), volume migration, active-active, storage gateway, thin provisioning, automatic grading, SSD Cache, virtual cloning technology, real-cloning technology, disk roaming, synchronous/asynchronous remote mirroring, load balancing, host multipathing, back-end multipathing, partial reconstruction, disk safe analysis, disk smart hibernation, and data destruction. The system provides users with comprehensive data protection with the help of ZXCLOUD K series storage products. 

    ■     Adopts intelligent and global hot spare disk technologies that do not limit the hot spare disk location, provides hot standby service across frames, and supports the automatic background reconstruction function; 

    ■     Fully redundant modular design, 1+1 redundant power supply module, industry-leading C2F permanent data power-down protection technology, system availability of 99.999%.

    3.Self-developed software/hardware, customized product
    ■     Software and hardware are self-developed, produced, and tested, providing highly flexible customization capabilities.

    4.Convenient management, easy maintenance

    ■     Unified remote operation and maintenance solution: The product supports SNMP and SMI-S, SwordFish and other industry standard management interfaces, without having to be on the site;

    ■     A variety of management tools: The product provides graphical Web, CLI and CAPI library management methods to improve management efficiency. It supports IPV4 and IPV6 dual-stack management at the same time, to provide customers with more expansion and choices;

    ■     Quick diagnosis of faults: The product features SMART hard disk detection, and real-time detection of hardware and software failures, providing LED lighting, mail and other alarm modes to ensure that equipment failure information cannot be ignored or omitted;

    ■     Comprehensive monitoring: The system provides rich real-time statistics and historical statistics for comprehensive control of system operation status and resource usage. It makes real-time monitoring of ambient temperature, power supply, fans, and other components, providing remote monitoring functions;  

    ■     Convenient maintenance: The controllers, power supply, fans and hard disks support hot swapping, and support disk roaming and intermixing, reducing maintenance complexity.  

    5.Green, energy saving, environment protection
    ■     Industry-leading hard disk speed reduction and hibernation technologies: They are used to reduce energy consumption;
    ■     Design of intelligent speed adjustment with silent fans: It results in low power consumption and low noise;
    ■     CPU intelligent frequency conversion: The system intelligently adjusts the CPU operating frequency according to business pressure; 
    ■     Green and harmless: The product features environment protection and lead-free.

    6.Technical specifications (dual-controller single-node) 


    KS3200 V2



    The latest high performance multi-core processor


    384 GB


    Support 16 10Gb iSCSIs, 16 16Gb FCs, 16 10Gb NASs, 8 25Gb iSCSIs, 16 48Gb HD-miniSASs;

    Number of local hard disks

    42 (among which six slots support the NVMe disks)

    Number of the maximum hard disks


    Hard disk specification

    2.5” 10K rpm SAS hard drive: 300GB, 600GB, 900GB, 1.2TB, 1.8TB

    2.5” 15K rpm SAS hard drive: 300GB, 600GB

    3.5" 7.2 K rpm NLSAS hard drive: 2TB, 4TB, 6TB, 8TB

    2.5” SATA SSD Hard Drive: 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB

    2.5” SAS SSD Hard Drive: 400GB, 800GB, 960GB, 1.6TB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB

    2.5” NVMe SSD Hard Drive: 1.6TB

    Power failure protection mode

    C2F permanent data power failure protection technology


    RAID supported

    0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, EEP

    Number of supported LUNs


    Number of connected hosts


    Number of snapshots in a single volume


    Number of total snapshots


    Number of total copies


    Other software features

    EEP, snapshot, volume copy (local or remote replication), volume migration, active-active, storage gateway, thin provisioning, automatic grading, SSD Cache, virtual cloning, real cloning, disk roaming, synchronous/asynchronous remote mirroring, load balancing, host multipathing, backend multipathing, partial reconstruction, disk safe analysis), disk smart hibernation, data destruction


    System management

    Support the management of Web interfaces

    Support the management of RS-232C serial port character terminals

    Support the management of the command line menu and batch script mode  

    Support SNMP, SMI-S, and SwordFish protocol management interfaces

    Support calling private CAPIs

    Support VMware VASA/VVOL/VAAI, OpenStack Cinder and other virtualization platform storage interfaces


    Fan reliability

    N+1 redundancy, hot swappable, intelligent speed control

    Power reliability

    1+1 redundancy, hot swappable

    Hard disk reliability

    Multiple local and global hot-spare disks

    Reliability indexes

    Availability of no less than 99.999%

    Host compatibility

    Supported OS

    Windows Server 2008 Enterprise/Standard x64 Edition SP1/SP2/R2

    Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 Datacenter x64 Edition SP1/SP2/R2                                       

    Windows Server 2012 Standard x64 Edition

    Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter x64 Edition SP1/SP2

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Update4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 for x86_64

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/Update1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 for x86_64

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/7.1/7.2/7.3 for x86_64

    CentOS 6.2/6.3/6.4/6.5/6.6/6.7/6.8 for x86_64

    CentOS 7/7.1/7.2/7.3 for x86_64

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 SP2/3/4 for i586

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10/11 SP1/SP2/SP3 for x86_64

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 for x86_64

    Kylin 3.0 for x86_64

    Kylin 3.2 for x86_64

    Kylin 6.0 for x86_64

    ZXVEServerV1/V2/V3/V4  for x86_64

    NewStart CGSL V3/V4/V5 for x86_64

    Oracle Solaris 10/11 for x86_64

    Oracle Solaris 10/11 for SPARC (partially compatible)

    AIX 5.2 (supported by MPIO FC SAN)

    AIX 5.3 (supported by MPIO FC SAN)

    AIX 6.1 (supported by MPIO FC SAN)

    Virtualization platform:

    VMware ESXi 5.5/5.5 U1/U2/U3

    VMware ESXi 6.0/6.0 U1/U2

    VMware ESXi 6.5



    Physical features


    Two 800W platinum AC power modules: 100 to 240V self-adaptive standard AC input or 240V high voltage DC input

    Ambient requirements

    Long-term working temperature: +5 ºC to +35 ºC, short-term working temperature: +0 ºC to +40 ºC

    Storage temperature: -40 ºC to +70 ºC

    Relative humidity: working environment 20% to 80%, non-working environment 10% to 95%

    Altitude: 10,000 feet

    Power consumption

    KS3200 V2 (3U controller enclosure), fully equipped with 2.5-inch disks of power consumption: 700W

    KJ2024 (2U disk enclosure), fully equipped with 2.5-inch disks of power consumption: 240W

    KJ4024 (4U disk enclosure), fully equipped with 3.5-inch disks of power consumption: 300W


    KS3200 V2 (3U controller enclosure): 482.6(W) x 132.5(H) x 795(D)(mm)

    KJ2024 (2U disk enclosure): 482.6 (W) x 86.1 (H) x 503 (D) (mm)

    KJ4024 (4U disk enclosure): 482.6 (W) x 176.2 (H) x 590 (D) (mm)

    Weight (no hard disks)

    KS3200 V2 (3U control box): 46kg±5%

    KJ2024 (2U disk enclosure): 18.2kg ± 5%

    KJ4024 (4U disk enclosure): 34.7kg ± 5%  


    FCC, CE, CB, RoHS, CCC, CQC, VMware, Openstack Cinder, FalconStor VTL, software copyright certificate


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