• TECS Cloud OS provides users with NFVI cloud resource pool, to virtualize computing, storage and network resource and implement virtualized management, so as to build cloud data centers rapidly. TECS Cloud OS implements all-round enhancements on the basis of open source OpenStack, KVM, OVS and other projects. Thus, its performance, reliability and security address carrier-grade quality, fully meeting cloudified deployment demands of telecom networks. TECS Cloud OS consists of TECS Compute, TECS Storage, TECS Network and TECS OpenStack.
    1)TECS Compute, based on KVM, provides complete CPU virtualization, memory virtualization and I/O device virtualization capabilities, and supports container to provide lightweight virtualization technology.
    2)TECS Storage shields the difference of storage hardware, to provide cloudified storage for users.
    3)TECS Network, based on OpenVSwitch, provides user-state pure software virtual switch capabilities, lighweight SDN controller and smart iNIC, while also providing high-performance virtual edge router capabilities.
    4)TECS OpenStack, based on open source OpenStack, implements centralized dispatching and management for virtualized infrastructures.

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