ZTE GoldenData Big Data Introduction

  • 1.Product Description

    The ZTE GoldenData big data platform, which serves as the massive data storage system, imports the data from the relational database and file system into the big data mining platform to realize the ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) flow of importing, cleaning, transferring, and layering the data, and make centralized storage of massive non-structured data and structured data. Based on the stored data, the platform provides the unified capability openness interfaces, data product service capability encapsulation, and basic resources management. It also provides customized algorithm development and data presence services.   
    The ZTE GoldenData big data platform can optimize and integrate all the capability layers. For the big data platform, ZTE develops analysis and mining platform to provide a perfect all-in-one solution.
    2.Highlighted Features
    Compatible with the SQL interface for unified big data opening services 
    ●Shield the Hadoop underlying technology, unify access interfaces, and simplify the further development 
    ●Provide standard API and SQL interfaces 
    ●Provide load balance of application access, and unify resources dispatching and data control  
    ●Control multiple tenants, identification authentication, and rights, and isolate the data to ensure data access security  
    OLAP multi-dimensional analysis engine
    For the massive data, the platform allows intensive computing and query in any dimension. It supports the high-concurrency low-delay online data application systems and high-concurrency real-time computing query services.
    ●Expand the ultra-fast OLAP engine and provide the sub-second interactive query capability 
    ●Provide the seamless integration with the BI tool and rich visualized display
    ●Support multiple data sources to meet the demands for analyzing data of different scales  
    ●Support defining the data model for the data set with tens of billions of bytes  
    ●Support topic-specific analysis, dimensional index definition, and association relationship management 
    OneMiner visualized mining and modeling 
    The product provides the standard algorithm sub-module and visual interfaces, integrates rich data mining algorithms, and shields the complexity of Hadoop data integration and conversion so that you can focus on data mining and analysis to reinforce the data insight and model prediction capabilities.   
    ●Provide perfect algorithm analysis components, be compatible with the MLLib and Mahout, and support over 300 algorithms  
    ●Provide perfect processes such as data exploration, model structuring, and model deployment   
    ●Directly import the analysis result into products such as OlikView and Tableau  
    ●Provide the visual drag modeling tool 
    Flexible ETL mechanism 
    ●Support importing/exporting the structured, semi-structured, and non-structured data 
    ●Support multiple data collection mechanisms, such as SQOOP, FLUME, and crawler  
    ●Support preprocessing operations such as data cleansing and data association  
    Finance-level security mechanism  
    ●Provide the security architecture based on the whitelist  
    ●Support the Kerberos + LDAP + Ranger, and provide the security solution covering security authentication, user management, and service authorization 
    Comprehensive O&M management platform 
    ●Make automatic software deployment, installation, and configuration
    ●Provide rich user role allocation strategies, log audit, and backup management to promote system security  
    ●Provide system running monitoring, operator-level alarms and performance indexes  
    ●Provide visual automatic inspection tools   
    3.Application Scenarios 
    The ZTE GoldenData big data platform is widely applied to massive data mining and analysis scenarios in various industries such as finance, policing, government, industry, agriculture, Internet, transportation, tourism, and telecom. 
    In addition, the video big data can be integrated with the video analysis and AI technologies to realize video image analysis and mining, enable storage, recognition, analysis, trace, and judgment of people, vehicles, and things, and provide various types of applications such as facial recognition and query, vehicle recognition and query, specific object extracting, personnel check, control & trace, and trace analysis.  
    At present, the ZTE GoldenData big data platform has been successfully put into commercial application in projects such as ABC headquarters, China CTIC Bank headquarters, Shenyang Big Data Center, and Hunan Provincial E-government Big Data Center.

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