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ZTE uSmartView Cloud PC System–5G New Vision, Innovative Cloud PC

  • 1.Product Introduction

    With a mature cloud PC product line covering cloud terminals, cloud desktops, virtualization platform, cloud storage and servers, ZTE provides an end-to-end cloud PC solution for global customers from various industries.

    The solution featuring high security, outstanding experience, fast deployment and low TCO, has been widely applied to the operators, governments, health care, education, finance, and energy industries. Various terminals, including laptops, PCs, cloud terminals, PADs, smart phones, and STBs can smoothly access and use cloud PC systems.

    2.Highlighted Features

    1. Independent development, making one-stop services more convenient
    ●Platform infrastructure, virtualization software, cloud PC software and cloud terminals are all independently developed by ZTE to provide secure and reliable products and solutions.
    2. Flexible access at any time and anywhere.
    ●Users can access cloud PC systems via laptop, PC, cloud terminal, PAD, and mobile terminal at any time anywhere.
    ●Cloud PC roaming: With data stored in the cloud, users can access their dedicated desktops at any time through multi terminals, which makes desktop available anywhere as needed.
    3. Smooth & flexible user experience
    ●Gives full play to GPU virtualization and terminal computing capacity to support smooth playback of 1080P HD videos and complicated 3D graphic processing.
    ●Compatible with 70 types of peripheral redirections such as USB storage devices, USB Key, high-speed camera and ID card scanner. Supports the redirection of audio and video devices.
    4  Efficient O&M
    ●Simplified IT management, centralized desktop delivery, remote assistance, unified system update and restoration, and automatic distribution of software and patches.
    ●Unified and visualized Web portal to facilitate unified management of resource pools, computers, and user groups.
    ●Centralized management and control of application software. Application software can be installed, upgraded, patched, and uninstalled in a unified manner. Illegal software can be automatically detected and forcibly uninstalled.
    ●One-click restoration: Once the cloud PC environment is faulty, you can restore it to the initial status with one click.
    ●Batch operations: The administrator can create, start, restore, and stop virtual computer in batches, and monitor the operational status of computer in real time.
    5. High security
    ●The digital watermark function ensures information security, and prevents screenshots from PC.
    ●The read/write control of the USB port is separated. Cloud PC can directly control the read/write access of the peripheral port.
    ●Unified cloud storage and management of user data to avoid illegal data download. 
    ●Secure access to cloud PC (support face recognition, USB Key, dynamic passwords, etc.)
    ●Cloud antivirus: All antivirus operations are implemented on the server, without user perception of virus scanning and operation at the VM side.