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ZTE uSmartView Cloud Terminal

  • 1.Product Introduction

    ZTE’s uSmartView cloud terminal, as an endpoint of the cloud PC system, presents cloud desktop to the user and redirects user inputs to the cloud server. Based on self-developed RAP using the highly efficient compression technology, the cloud terminal transmits complete desktop data at an ultra-low bandwidth, making remote desktop access reliable and stable. 
    The terminals are highly cost effective, energy-saving with long service life. Due to the integrated design of cloud system and hardware, the terminals have excellent peripheral compatibility, which can be connected to a variety of of peripheral devices and supports flexible control of USB ports.  
    With the zero maintenance mode of plug-and-play and immediate recovery, ZTE cloud terminals greatly improve IT response efficiency. In addition, ZTE cloud terminals work with the cloud computing platform to form a service suite of “Terminal+ Network+ Application” with information security ensured.

    2.Highlighted Features

    1. Built-in Wi-Fi
    No cabling, making networking easier and cost lower.
    2. Dual-network isolation
    Dual network interfaces to back up with each other and connect with extranet and intranet at the same time. 
    3. Easy installation
    The VESA international standard back-mounting mode is supported. Terminals can be mounted behind the monitor, vertically or horizontally placed on the desktop or suspended under the desktop. 
    4. Green and energy-saving
    Dedicated SoC chip adopted for thin clients, aluminum shell with fan free design, and no HDD, reducing power consumption to as low as 15W.    
    5. Cloud terminal management system
    ZTE cloud terminal management system (CTMS) offers intelligent, highly efficient and streamlined management of thin clients, including system and software configuration, assets management, remote monitoring and security control.

    3. Product Series

     Product Specifications  Appearance

    CT221G2 (simplified)

    •ARM, 4 Cores, 2.0GHz
    •Power: 4.5W
    •Size: 130 mm×130 mm×29.5 mm (L x W x H)

    CT321G3 (high-performing)

    •X86, 4 Cores 2.2GHz or 2 Cores 2.4GHz
    •Power: 9W
    •Size: 185 mm×157 mm×35 mm(L×W×H)

    CT621G2 (port-rich)

    •X86, 4 Cores 2.2GHz
    •Power: 10W
    •Size: 234 mm×205 mm×52 mm(L×W×H)