ZTE CSS2000 Distributed Storage

  • 1.Product Introduction

    The CSS2000 is an unstructured mass data storage product independently developed by ZTE. Featuring strong scalability, high reliability, high performance and low cost, it is applicable to the mass storage of many types of files including video, audio, image, log and CDR. It leverages a decentralized architecture to avoid single-node failure, and provides multiple data redundancy and backup mechanisms to ensure data security. Its system capacity and performance can be scaled out conveniently without service interruption. It also offers intelligent and unified management including configuration, monitoring, alarm, and statistics functions. The CSS2000 is applicable to unified storage resource pooling, video IoT, cloud storage of media resources, and medical imaging scenarios.

    2.Product Architecture

    3.Highlighted Features

    ●Multi-tenant support, differentiated services
    Role-based and domain-based management, policy configuration by domains, storage domain shared among multiple tenants.
    Differentiated tenant policies, support for domain isolation and tenant isolation. 
    Unified scheduling and management of resources.
    ●High performance, increased resource utilization
    Even storage of data fragments, concurrent and striped data read/write. 
    Tiered storage of cold and hot data to improve access performance.
    Small-file storage optimization to improve storage utilization.
    ●Multiple reliability mechanisms
    Network RAID redundancy, meeting different reliability requirements.
    Quick and automatic data reconstruction and consistency check to avoid data loss caused by silent data corruption.
    Enterprise-grade Write-Once Read Multiple (WORM) to prevent data tampering.
    Linear expansion of system capacity and performance without service interruption.
    Supports up to 4,096 nodes, 100PB-level capacity, and hundreds of billions of files.


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