• Providing virtual network services, the TECS network module includes the DVS that provides the high-performance virtual switching function, the VEG that provides the border gateway service, the vVPN that provides the VPN service, and the vFW that provides the firewall service. The VEG consists of VEG NAT, VEG LB, and VEG VxLAN GW components. The vVPN and vFW are provided by integrating third-party software.

    DVSs are located on compute nodes to implement the VTEP function in the SDN network. The VEG NAT, VEG VxLAN GW, and VEG LB implement the northbound and southbound network node function of the VDC. The VEG VxLAN GW has the DCI GW function, implementing L2 and L3 interworking between DCs.

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