ZTE uSmartCloud Data Center

  • 1.Product Introduction

    Based on OpenStack open architecture, ZTE’s uSmartCloud data center solution helps you gain enterprise-grade optimization of IT resources in terms of availability, performance, flexibility and efficiency as well as achieve unified management of physical resources, KVM/VMware/XEN/PowerVM virtual resources and container resources. We delivers flexible, elastic, secure and high-efficiency cloud data centers to our global customers with end-to-end services. 
    The uSmartCloud data center consists of infrastructure, virtualization platform, cloud resource management, cloud application management, security and O&M management.
    ●The infrastructure is the basic IT environment for platform operation, including servers, storage/network/security devices, which gives underlying support for the upper-layer applications.
    ●The virtualization platform is responsible for the virtualization of computing, storage and network resources.  
    ●Cloud resource management includes unified resource management, flexible resource allocation and resource statistics, enabling efficient coordination of resources.
    ●Cloud application management offers lifecycle management of applications, and implements automatic deployment, elastic scaling and automatic O&M to accelerate the launch of applications and achieve agile and low-cost O&M.
    ●Security and O&M management ensures the security of the entire system and provides rich O&M functions. 
    Our uSmartCloud data center has more than 300 commercial cases worldwide, covering various industries including government, finance and rail transit.

    2.Product Architecture

    3.Highlighted Features

    ●Fast service migration to cloud
    With multiple migration technologies (P2V, V2V and DB2DB) for high-speed data transmission, our uSmartCloud solution can move your services to cloud rapidly. Also the continuous data protection (CDP) technology ensures service uninterruption during cloud migration. 
    ●Efficient and visualized management
    The uSmartCloud helps you manage existing platforms in a unified manner to achieve more-efficient and less-cost O&M. Its visualized portal can display resource utilization in statistical charts, so that you can learn about the system-wide resource situation and make informed decisions.
    ●All-round security
    The uSmartCloud assures customers of multi-level and all-round security, covering the network and its perimeter, hosts and VMs, operation and management, applications and data.
    ●Enhanced reliability
    The uSmartCloud can work in two-site three-center mode to achieve multi-active disaster recovery. In this mode, multiple production centers all provide services to the external, reducing idle assets. When one production center fails, other production centers automatically take over services rapidly without service interruption.


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