ZTE uSmartCloud Cloud Data Center Introduction

  • 1.Product Introduction
    ZTE uSmartCloud cloud data center uses the OpenStack architecture and makes enterprise-level optimization in high availability, high performance, and high elasticity of services, and high efficiency of resources. The high-elasticity, high-flexibility, high-efficiency, and high-security end-to-end solution covers hardware resource virtualization, resources sharing, and unified management, and provides support for users to carry out new businesses rapidly. 
    ZTE uSmartCloud cloud data center architecture includes the infrastructure, virtualization layer, cloud resource management, cloud application management, and security and O&M management. 
    ●The infrastructure provides a basic environment for platform operation, including equipment room facilities, servers, storage devices, network devices, and security devices. It provides resources for software deployment. 
    ●The virtualization layer contains computing virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization modules to virtualize computing, storage, and network resources. 
    ●The cloud resource management provides end-to-end integrated management capabilities including resource management, statistics, monitoring and dispatching, and allows unified resource management, unified production dispatching, and high-efficiency coordination of resources.
    ●The cloud application management provides the full-lifecycle management of applications, including automated deployment, elastic scaling, and automated O&M, to accelerate application go-live, realize agile O&M, and reduce O&M cost.  
    ●The security and O&M management provides the security solution and O&M management solution of the whole platform. 
    2.Product Architecture

    3.Highlighted Features

    ●Easy deployment: quick migration of industrial applications to cloud 
    The application migration solution uses the high-speed transmission technology and multiple migration technologies (P2V, V2V, DB2DB) to enable quick migration of applications to cloud. Its continuous data protection (CDP) technology ensures service continuity during migration without user perception. 
    ●Easy management: visualized analysis and smart management
    Users can easily monitor and manage infrastructure resources, applications, and middleware in a unified manner. Data analysis results are displayed with diagrams, such as bar charts and pie charts. 
    ●High security: multi-level all-round security system
    The security system is established in dimensions of network & boundary, host & VM, operation & management, application & data, to satisfy users’ security needs and prevent and cope with security threats intelligently. 
    ●High reliability: multi-active DCs for disaster recovery 
    The multi-active disaster recovery solution contains multiple production centers, which provide service concurrently. When a production center encounters a disaster, the system switches the service to other production centers without service interruption or user perception. 
    4.Application Scenarios
    ZTE uSmartCloud cloud data center has been deployed for over 300 commercial sites globally, mainly including government cloud, financial cloud, and rail transit cloud projects.


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