• 1.Product Introduction
    ZTE’s Coalition Emergency Response Solution(CERS) is dedicated for government departments and public safety organizations at different levels. It provides incident handling follow-up and command & dispatch support, covering the whole process of incident handling including emergency reporting, data collection, real-time communication, coordinated command, on-site support, and decision-making support.
    ●Voice Dispatch
    Call, automatic call, answer, refuse, hang up, break-down, break-in, conference call.
    ●Video Dispatch
    Video upload, video snapshot, video distribution/forward, real-time video surveillance, cloud mirror control, video retrieval, video playback, voice intercom/broadcast.
    ●Video Conferencing
    Adaptive trans-coding, adaptive digital mixing, multi-picture synthesis  and switching
    Dual streams and conference control.
    ●Instant Messaging
    Instant messaging, message grouping. 
    Supports various message formats including text, voice, image and video.
    Intercom group, fixed group call, forced hang up, chase, dynamic group, temporary group call, switch intercom group.
    ●GIS Visualization Command System
    The GIS visualization command system supports managing basic geographic data and business space data, map visualization for business systems, and various spatial analysis applications. 
    It can interconnect with communication platforms to display incident locations, police force, emergency resources, and other emergency related items, such as video surveillance cameras, checkpoints, and critical infrastructures on a single GIS-Map, offering dispatchers in the command center a comprehensive view of incident status and enabling efficient dispatching.

    2.Highlighted Features
    Convergent incident reporting: voice, SMS, e-mail, Internet, social media, IoT (video, sensor, alarm button), AI (video analysis, big data).
    Convergent communication: diverse types of voice/video/paging terminals for seamless communication via fixed network, 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile network, DMR narrowband and LTE broadband trunking, satellite network, Internet, intranet and VSS(Video Surveillance System), VCS(Video Conference System).
    Convergent applications: compatible with applications for daily social alarms handling and public emergency response, achieving incident site visibility, resource visibility and map based operation.
    Efficient interaction between multimedia dispatch, computer assisted dispatch, and GIS.
    The mobile police and portable command & control solution helps police officers and team leaders achieve fast information collection and efficient commanding.
    Visibility of the event scene and all kinds of resource on a single map.
    Situational awareness and risk warning based on intelligent video analysis technologies can prevent risks.
    Professional contingency plan offers powerful support for command and control.
    Various business statistical analysis reports refine daily management of command centers.
    Provides standard interfaces for 3rd party applications in BS or CS mode.
    Supports mainstream platforms and standard protocols, realizing all kinds of audio and video communication.
    Interacts with basic resource databases and information databases from the police to support big data services including decision making and data collection.