ZTE uSmartView Cloud Desktop

  • ZTE provides full series of cloud computing products (including cloud terminals, cloud desktops, virtualization software, and cloud storage products) and end-to-end integrated product, which can be applied to different scenarios such as office, training classroom, multimedia classroom, and business hall.
    ZTE cloud desktop solutions feature high security, excellent experience, high delivery, and low TCO, and are applicable to extensive industries such as telecom operators, government, medical care, education,finance and energy. User-ends are various terminal devices of different configurations running on different operating systems, such as laptops, PCs, cloud terminals, pads, smartphones and STBs to access ZTE uSmartView.

    1. Self-R&D One-stop end-to-end solution
    ■ From the platform hardware to virtualization software, from the cloud desktop software to cloud terminal device, ZTE independently develops the entire integrated product and ensures its security and reliability. 
    2. Fluent&Flexible, providing Excellent user experience
    ■ The innovative cloud desktop can make use of local terminal resources to process computing and graphic applications such as audio/video, design, and industrial softwares. It supports 1080P HD video play and 3D graphic design. 
    ■ ZTE uSmartView supports redirecting to USB storage devices, USB keys,high-speed photographic apparatus,scanners, ID reader,and more than 70 peripheral re-directions as well as audio/video devices such as voice devices and cameras. 
    ■ ZTE uSmartView supports VM creation in seconds, 0-second boot storm.
    3. Unified management and controllable user behaviors
    ■ The product supports simplified IT management, unified delivery of desktops, remote management, unified system update/restoration, automatic distribution of software/patches. 
    ■ The unified and visualized management feature allows a web portal to manage the resource pool, desktop users, session desktops, and graphic desktops. 
    ■ The platform supports automatic alarm, log reports and some advanced functions. 
    ■ ZTE uSmartView system can automatically identify and uninstall prohibited software on user desktops. Enterprise software must be installed uniformly and under control. 
    4. Multi-screen access everywhere
    ■ Multiple terminals such as Laptop, pad, thin terminal, cloud notebook, as well as existing PCs can access the cloud desktop in 4A mode (Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, Anyone). 
    ■ One account through different terminals. The data is stored on cloud, and users can access their own data on cloud through any mobile terminal as per their requirement.
    5. Easy installation and maintenance
    ■ Easy installation: 50-user cloud desktop system installation and commissioning within two hours. 
    ■ One-click restoration: restoring a single user’s cloud desktop environment by one click; rebooting the cloud desktop all-in-one system by one click. 
    ■ Batch operation: The administrator can in batches monitor users’ cloud desktop operation status, create, start, or stop users’ cloud desktops, and restore users’ cloud desktop environment. 
    6. High security and reliability
    ■ Digital watermarking and plaintext watermarking ensure information security and prevent desktop screen capture, screen capture by screen recorder, screen capture on terminal, or photo taking by smart phone. 
    ■ ZTE uSmartView supports separated control of USB port reading and writing to make logic control of read/write rights of peripheral device ports such as PC’s USB port and serial port. 
    ■ ZTE uSmartView supports multiple identify authentication modes such as face recognition, USB key and dynamic password to ensure data security. 
    ■ Virus scanning and killing are implemented on cloud, and it is only necessary to install the thin agent on VMs. This method can greatly reduce the resource occupancy for virus scanning and virus definitions update to improve user experience.


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